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Are You Ready For Concours d’Elegance 2015?

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Societies will usually never forget their histories and vintage items have particularly held people’s fancy, be it from clothing to home décor to vintage vehicles. Motoring and cars in general is undeniably a subject of wide interest and Nairobi has no shortage of events to cater for the whims of just about each type of motor enthusiast.  One of these events is Concours d’Elegance – an annual motoring event organized by the Alpha Romeo Owners club. Concours d’Elegance is a mellow event for the lover of classic cars who is not necessarily into the rough, tumble and speed of the likes of rhino charge and Subaru fest.

Concours d’Elegance which simply translates to ‘a completion of elegance’ is steeped in history dating way back to the 17th century French aristocracy. It has clearly never lost its touch over the years and it goes beyond cars into sideshows like fashion as attendees also dress in ways befitting the class and elegance of the event. For the fashion forward women whose every outfit is informed by the occasion, this is the time and place to unleash the high fashion sun dresses, cute handbags, huge sunglasses and hats. All these work to cement the elegance that makes Concours d’Elegance elegant. When picking your outfit however, just be practical and consider the possibility of being on your feet for extended periods of time, and also walking around.

Cars at Concours are judged depending on their condition, with a special consideration of course for age. Judges check the underside for oil and water leaks,and the exterior for the state of the paintwork and lights. They then check the interior and boot, concentrating on the roof panel and carpets. The engines are then inspected for evidence of good maintenance as far as the mechanics and wiring are concerned, after which the cars are checked for road worthiness. Here, points are deducted for malfunctioning lights, windscreen wipers and indicators among other features.

Motor bikes too are not left behind. These pass through 3 stages, the first being a check for external condition, the second checks the engine and the state of mechanical fixtures and at the third stage they’re checked for road worthiness.

Councors d’Elegance is also a social event mostly for the middle and upper class and their families, as well as a get together for people with similar interests in the motoring world. It is certainly a good place to network, share some good food and drinks with family and friends, enjoy some entertainment and bring out the children to play.

This year’s Concours d’Elegance will be held at the Ngong Race course on Saturday the 27th September and tickets are already available on Ticket Sasa. Physical tickets are also available at all CBA branches in Nairobi and Thika, Sarova Panafric and The Stanley. Advance tickets are going for 800/- for adults and 400/- for children. The prices at the gate will be 900/- for adults and 450/- for children.

Get your sundresses and sunglasses out and see you there!!

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