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Review – The Infinix Hot 2 Phone

by Femme Staff
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I’ve been using the recently launched Infinix Hot 2 for slightly over a week now and having used the bigger sister/brother Infinix Hot Note for some time immediately prior, the first thing that struck me in the first few seconds was how much smaller and so much easier on the hands the Hot 2 is. Also so easy to carry around.

One thing that I noticed and appreciated immediately was that it the charging port is at the top of the phone. Some people may not appreciate the significance of this but for someone who reads in bed like me, that means zero interference from the charging cable as would be the case with a bottom port. This is so especially because when one is reading in bed, the bottom of the phone will most likely be lying on the chest. Speaking of reading, the 5.0 inch screen is not too shabby when it comes to that, as well as watching videos. At 1280 x 720 pixels, the definition is good enough.

The top charging is however obviously a disadvantage for car phone mounts because for many of them the phone rests on its bottom. The top charging port also makes the phone this much more cumbersome to talk on the phone when its charging. This is however not something that should be of significant worry and adjusting your daily habits to either a top port or a bottom one should not be too difficult.

Android one

The Infinix Hot 2 is sold under the Android One program. Android one is a google initiative to partner with phone manufacturers with an aim to demystify smartphones and avail them to the masses by availing fair priced devices that will run well on the android platform. Users of any phones running the android one program are assured of getting the latest updates direct from google, escaping bloatware from vendors and third party upgrade software. With the Hot 2 retailing at 8,999/-, it sure does capture the essence of Android One.


The Infinix Ht 2 comes with a 2200 mAh battery which will more than likely cover the average user for a full day. If however on some days you use up power more than normal and run out early, the phone has a battery saving feature, which when the user activates will give them an extra 90 minutes of phone use. Even though this feature will cut off some battery guzzling features of the phone, at least the phone is not completely off and you’re able to make and receive calls.


The phone has an 8mp back and 2mp front. I’m not big on selfies so the paltry 2mp front camera is not necessarily a problem for me. The 8mp back camera may not be the best out there but for a phone in this range it is quite impressive for normal every day light photography. I took a walk with mine to Ngong Race Course for Concours d’Elegance and here are some of them for your judgement:









The phone is a dual sim.

I would certainly recommend this phone as an entry level smart phone. Any misgivings I may have about the phone are cancelled by the fact that it’s retailing at the very fair price of 8,999/- For that price, to expect too much from it would be outright unfair.

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