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5 Birthday Gift Ideas That Cost Almost Nothing

by Laura Wambi Arina

Birthday Walk

Yesterday was my birthday. (I know someone just said “Happy late birthday” in their heart to me. Thank you so much.) And whilst my Facebook page flowed with ‘hbds’ and many other sane wishes from friends and family alike, that was pretty much it. Not to say that I was expecting a Range Rover, but still, I expected much more than spending my special day in bed, for the better part of the day, junking on left-over chips masala, and folding a tonne of clothes for the rest of it. I asked myself a lot of questions, and the only answers I could find involved feeling lonely and sad, and junking on more left-over chips masala. Finally, after I had run out of left-overs, I decided to make the best out of the situation and write these birthday gift ideas down, in the hope of rescuing another soul from feeling ‘un-birthdayish’, on their special day.

Call the person

Sometimes, texting and sending Whatsapp messages just do not cut it. Call the birthday person. Talk to them even if just for a few minutes. Sing to them any birthday song and make them smile. If you’ve known them a long time remind them of some good memories they’ve had, or that you shared together. Wish them well as they start a new year. I tell you that they will forever remember the sound of your voice, long after they’ve deleted the other birthday texts.

Pay them a surprise visit

Whether at home, school or at work, take the time to head over to the person and just spend time with them or give them a card even. If they are far away, and you have the means to get to them, then do! They will feel very special and loved that you remembered them.

Prepare a simple meal for them

Something yummy, to make a happy tummy, might do more than a big birthday party. Prepare a nice meal for the person celebrating their birthday. Make your child’s favourite meal for them on their special day. Whip something delicious for your spouse. Let them come home to a well set table with wine and candles if you can, or just the special meal. Have dinner together and talk about everything and nothing. Remember the year that has been and talk about plans for the new one. That, my friends, is how inerasable memories are made.

Buy them a birthday card

No matter the size, the thought that you took your time to pick out a card to give the person on their birthday will make them very happy, they might even keep the card till their grandkids are old enough to see it, and they will talk about you with them. If there is really no way, or time to buy the card, then in the very least put up a post on Instagram or even Facebook just for them, and say nice stuff about them. Just forget about ‘hbd’. I cannot stress enough how I and every other sane person despises those three letters, in that particular order. I could write on and on about it, but I think I will save that story for next year.

Take them for a walk

Nature in itself, is a gift from God. Take the person for a walk, and enjoy God’s creation together. As you walk, tell them about the good things they have been and done and how much you appreciate them and love them. Stick a flower in their hair, if they are female. Pick a uniquely shaped rock and gift it to them with some creative words if they are male. It will be a day they will never forget.

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