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Downy Fabric Softener – Laura Wambi’s Experience

by Laura Wambi Arina
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Has someone ever walked past you smelling so good, you turned to get a second look at the person? Ever wanted to run back to them and ask them what exactly it was they were using and where you could get it and at what price? Yes? I have too. And on one occasion or two, when the person seemed not to be the type that would stare at me like I was about to make away with a body part of theirs then take off, I actually asked about the source of the amazing scent. It has always been a cologne or body spray of some sort, usually with an exotic name to it, and I have always been on the receiving end of these answers. Until recently.

See, laundry has never exactly been my cup of coffee, for as long as I can remember. I started doing my own laundry at ten, and it has always felt like very tedious work ever since. I own quite the large collection of jeans, and washing them is no mean feat because the denim tears at your hands without mercy. Therefore, it takes me weeks, sometimes months before I do laundry. Don’t judge.

Yesterday I did a laundry intervention on myself after several weeks of procrastination, and finally got down to it. I decided to sway a little away from my usual routine of wash once, rinse twice. air, and added Downy Fabric Softener to the mix. Three things happened consequently;

  • As I washed my clothes, I had to make several stops to answer questions of “What is that that smells so good?”, and “The entire corridor is a burst of freshness. What is that you are using?”, and comments like “I need that fabric softener like yesterday!”
  • I ended up doing all the dirty laundry whilst I had originally just taken out a couple of tops and jeans, because the addition of Downy brought such a soft touch to the clothes that coupled with the sweet scent made me want to wash every dirty piece of laundry.
  • When I went to air the clothes to dry, I was feeling so motivated and pleased that I used pegs for the first time, something I had not done in very long. (That is how you know how very disinterested in laundry a person can be.)But that is not the point. The point is, and I say this with all the sincerity in the world, that I returned from airing my clothes just in time to find a neighbour of mine add some of my fabric softener to her washing.

Yes people. Downy Concentrate Fabric Softener is that good. It leaves your clothes smelling super sweet and fresh. It makes them irresistibly soft and it is very gentle on your hands. The best thing about it is that you only have to use a very small amount of it to get these amazing results. It turned my washing into an entirely pleasant experience, and I cannot wait for the next laundry day. I recommend it to anyone, for any type of laundry-bedding, baby clothes, curtains, suits. It works without any side effects.

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