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Nairobi Boozers Rejoice! Booze Delivery To Your Doorstep

by Femme Staff


If you appreciate your alcohol every once in a while then you know these scenarios. You’re spending a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon at home and would love nothing but to drown a cold one or have a few shots of something strong. But you cannot for the life of you muster the energy to leave the house and take a walk a few blocks away to the nearest wines and spirits. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve often times found myself procrastinating on leaving the house to a point of not going at all. Yes, there is such a thing as being too comfortable to walk 2 blocks or drive for 5 minutes to a supermarket better stocked than the estate wines and spirits shop.

Scenario two, you’re having a house party and just when the fun is sinking in, you run out of alcohol. It’s 11pm and the Mututho decree saw to it that you cannot just rush to your nearest supermarket and stock up on more. And even if there were options, nobody at the party wants to go out and do the shopping.

These scenarios, and many more depending on your lifestyle, are the reason why many of us will slow clap to learn that you can order your booze with just a few clicks and then have it delivered to your doorstep. This is thanks to boozit – the online shop complete with a delivery service within Nairobi.

Costs? I browsed through the site and realized that their prices are actually quite within normal range. A bottle of Fourth street sweet white for example 740/-.  A can of Heineken is 200, a can of tusker is 150, and a 750ml bottle of viceroy goes for 1,320/- Pretty normal prices. Payment is upon delivery for orders below Kshs.20,000/-. If your shopping is in this region and above, you pay half the money in advance and the balance on delivery.

What does delivery cost you? If your order is worth 5,000/- and above, delivery is absolutely free. Otherwise below that there is a charge of 200/- for the same. Quite the deal if you ask me. As long as you’re doing some decent shopping, 200 bob for delivery is negligible.  You probably don’t want to order a single can of beer anyway.

Are there minimum orders?

Yes. 500/-

How long does it take?

Your booze delivery should be upon you in 45 minutes to an hour.

At any given time there is an offer or some giveaway of some sort going on at boozit. Keep your eyes on their twitter and Facebook so it’s easier to get info on these as they come up.

Boozit is currently only in Nairobi but intends to be in operation in all major towns starting January next year. People in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret your towns will soon be sorted.

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