Your liver is one of, if not the most important organ that helps detox your body. It filters blood from the digestive tract before it is passed throughout the body. Our liver is impacted when we consume alcohol, take prescription drugs, eat processed foods, lack sleep, breathe in polluted air and eat a diet lacking proper nutrients and minerals. To put it in simple terms, our liver is always working, for many it is overworking due to lack of care.

To maintain a healthy liver, eat an organic, well balanced diet, clock 7-8 hours of sleep a night and limit, if not eliminate alcohol. We can also detox our liver on a daily basis; it doesn’t take a lot of time or need complicated ingredients- many are in your fridge now.

Lemon water

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Warm Lemon Water Ingredients:

1 cup warm water

½-1 lemon

Freshly grated ginger


Warm your water until it is a temperature safe for consumption. Squeeze the lemon into a mug and grate the ginger. Once the water is warm, pour it into the mug and enjoy!

Forget coffee, warm lemon water with ginger will help you jumpstart your day. It rehydrates your body, detoxes and helps to settle and prepare your stomach for breakfast. Lemons are known for purifying blood and cleansing. Consume a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning and your body will excrete the toxins from the day before.


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Tropical Green Smoothie Ingredients:

1 cup coconut water

½ cup mango

½ cup pineapple

1 banana

½ spinach

½ tsp spirulina


Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and enjoy!

The ultimate green, detoxifying smoothie. Coconut water helps to rehydrate your body with necessary electrolytes to keep our bodies moving and muscles functioning properly. Spinach is a mineral dense vegetable that contains anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that help to detox foreign substances within the body. Spirulina is a microalga, a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids. This smoothie helps to protect the liver from further damage if consumed on a regular basis.


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Dandy Latte Ingredients:

1 tbsp instant herbal dandy bend

1 cup plant-based milk (soy, almond or coconut)

1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

Pinch of Madagascar vanilla


Warm the plant-based milk on low heat until it the desired warmth for consumption. Mix the dandy, Ceylon cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla together.

You may be thinking I am not consuming a weed, but dandelion root has been consumed for thousands of years as an herbal medicine to help aid and protect the liver. The antioxidants in dandelion help to counteract free radicals and assist in liver detoxification. Ceylon cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory agents that help aid inflammation throughout the body. Dandy and Ceylon cinnamon act as two important detoxifying agents in this creamy, satisfying latte.

Our liver is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. Take the time each day to care for it as it cares for you, your body and skin will thank you.

Consider incorporating a plant-based diet and vegan meals that are nutrient dense, alkaline and support your liver. Let us know what you think of our liver detoxing recipes in the comments below?

Guest Post courtesy of Makenna Redden.

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