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Register For The Upcoming Digital Camp Kenya

by Femme Staff
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Digital Camp

November is well on its way here and with it the Digital Camp Kenya – a 3 day meet-up of players in the rapidly changing digital landscape in the country. The camp has been organized by the Bloggers Association of Kenya and will take place from 6th to 8th November. Digital has pretty much penetrating every sphere of our daily lives and cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

The inaugural digital camp which will be held at CrayFish Naivasha will be a platform for all interested parties and will feature masterclasses in different fields of digital, fireside chats, presentations, and performances. Topics up for exhaustive discussion will be online content creation, citizen journalism, freedom of expression, Government and social media, intellectual property laws, blogging and digital advertising among others.

It will not be all work and no play. There will be team building activities and other than gathering a lot of information which they can use in their lives, attendees and participants will also have a lot of fun and unwind.

This is a must attend event for anyone, whether they’re in the digital world already, aspiring to join in, or just curious about how it works. For more details including speakers, fees and a more detailed program, see the camp website.

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