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Top 6 Apps To Download When You Get a New Phone

by Laura Wambi Arina
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So you have recently acquired a new phone and you feel like you need to do more with it than just to make and receive calls and to send and receive texts. What are the six top applications that you download to make your phone as smart as it ought to be?


This is an app specially made for women that lets you keep track of your menstrual cycle. It allows you to record the days you are spotting and the number of days you are on your period. You can even record your moods during different times of the month and any other things you may feel like headache, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pains among others. The best part is that it sends you an automatic notification to let you know when you get to your fertile and safe days. Amazing, right?


Not all smart phones come pre-installed with Whatsapp, and if your new phone is one of these, then download it right away because you cannot afford to do without it. Here, groups for all purposes are created, ranging from work to family to those that are just for pure chatter. Personally I am in about fifteen of these. Whatsapp has become the new conference room where discussions are held, issues resolved and decisions made. Matter of fact, I have gotten lots of jobs through links sent via Whatsapp.

Bosses are even using it to dish out instructions now, and it would be very inconveniencing if say for instance, your boss sent out a memo on Whatsapp, saying that the wear-a-school-uniform-to-work trend was to end, only for you to show up the next day at work with very short shorts, knee-high socks and a pair of Toughees, simply because you are not on Whatsapp. In essence, having the application does you more good than harm.


You have not been to a place unless you have pictures to prove it. Instagram is the inventor of things like MCM and WCW and very strange hash tags like ‘my blah-blah-blah is better than yours’. It is the app that lets you share pictures and videos on your account and lets you see pictures and videos of people you follow allowing you to heart the post if you like it.
In an era where front and back camera megapixel capacity are important considerations when buying a phone, Instagram is key, if not to act as back-up storage for your pictures, then to know what your friends are up to, who they are hanging out with and places they are visiting and what food they are eating.


Remember that person that pissed you off so much that you deleted their number? Do you get more pissed off every time they call and because you think it is a new number you keep receiving? TrueCaller is your solution. It shows the name of a person that’s calling you and lets you search the database for caller information, when numbers you do not know call you.

A document reader/editor

Download a good document reader/editor that will give you easy time to create, edit and delete contents in a document. Most of these document readers are free to download, however you have to buy the premium version if you want extra capabilities like copying and pasting.

A game of your choice

Who said games are only for kids? Depending on your preferences and the type of phone, you need to have a game installed on your new phone. There is a great array to choose from; Candy Crush Saga/Soda (which I am personally crazy about. The more lives I lose, the more intrigued I am to beat a level), Temple Run or Subway Surfers, Chess, Pool, Motor games if you are into cars… you are spoilt for choice really. Games help you increase your concentration span, your IQ, and are a great way to escape from tricky situations like conversations you do not want to be part of. All you have to do is to stare at your screen and pretend to be busy!

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