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Tired of Roaches in Your House? Here are 6 Easy Solutions

by Laura Wambi Arina
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Your girlfriends and their other halves are coming to your house for a get-together later on this evening. The last time you had one of these was at Vivian’s, and she set the bar pretty high, impeccable cleanliness, amazing hospitality and all. Not that you guys are in some kind of competition, you really do not plan to outdo her. You just want to impress and leave a mark. You have every cleaned every corner of the house, dusted your furniture, made a small beautiful decor and set the table, with all the dining one twos you will need. You have made sure that the kids have cleaned their rooms and that the dirty laundry has been handled. It is about two hours to the set time, you look around your house and smile. You are pleased with yourself.

Just as you are about to walk to the bedroom to get ready, two cockroaches come out of nowhere, one running after the other, all the way up the dining table, their tiny filthy legs moving all around your beautifully set table, doing something that is somewhat between a marathon race and a mating chase on your plates, glasses and cutlery. Your heart sinks. You can only pray that whilst the visitors are here, the unwanted ones will behave and keep away.

What can you do to get rid of them or to avoid having roaches in the house?

Invest in boric acid
This is available in pharmacies, and mixed with other natural ingredients, works more efficiently than the ‘dawa ya mende , dawa ya panya’ sachets those salespeople move around with. It comes in powdered form. Mix this with white flour and a little white sugar then add a few drops of water in the mixture to create some light dough.

Place this in areas where you have seen the roaches, or where they live. This might take up to about two weeks, but it will certainly destroy every last cockroach causing terror in your house. You can also substitute white sugar with cocoa powder. Works with the same efficiency.

Avoid leaving puddles of water in your sink and kitchen
Cockroaches like any other living organisms, need a great supply of water to survive. You leaving exactly that in your sink after doing the dishes or on surfaces, gives them reason to thrive. Always ensure that you have dried all the water in your sink or on the floor when it spills. You will notice that the roaches will reduce and eventually disappear. No one likes to live in thirst, not even cockroaches.

Use fabric softener.
Mix fabric softener with water in a 3:2 ratio, and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the roaches with the solution, making sure to hit the lower mid-region and the head of the pests.

Baking soda + Sugar
Mix the two in a 1:1 ratio and sprinkle the mixture in areas where they live and on places they frequent. Sugar acts as a bait while the baking soda causes the stomach to gas up due to reaction with the stomach acid.

Do not leave food out in the open uncovered
This is the main reason for roach infestation. Avoid leaving left-overs out in the open and uncovered. Roaches have great sense of smell, and they feed on these and other crumbs of food that might spill on the floor. They feed on these, mate and increase in number, consequently increasing your headache. Always cover your food if you have to leave it out in the open, especially at night, or simply just store it well in a safe place.

Obviously, keep your house clean
A clean house is a pest-free house. Clean the dishes immediately after use, thoroughly mop your floor, take out the trash and you will note that the roaches will slowly find their way out of your house.

Remember to exercise maximum care when handling chemicals because most of them are poisonous when ingested and to wash your hands after using them.

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