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The Healthy Goodness Of Daima Milk

by Laura Wambi Arina
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Myth has it, that Cleopatra the last Pharaoh of Egypt, used to bathe in milk. It is said that this was the reason for her peaches-and-cream skin and her unmatched beauty. God himself also made sure that the Promised Land Canaan was flowing with milk and honey. That is how you know that milk is not just any kind of drink, it is the ultimate, all-round drink.

You are a working mother. Your daily morning routine involves an early morning run, preparing the kids for school and seeing them off, just before you get ready yourself and head on to work. You work the regular 8 to 5, before you head on back home to be with your family. However your day is, milk will always be involved in it somehow. And he is how:

Your children: Daima milk is essentially vital in the growth of kids. It is the number one source for calcium and is therefore great for development of bones. It also contains Vitamin D, A and B, proteins and phosphorous all of which that are important to your child’s growth. But what if my child does not like taking fresh milk as it is? You might ask. You can use it in their morning cereal, or better yet, bake their favourite cake with milk. Kids love cake! Daima milk comes in 200ml packs so while packing your kids’ snack boxes, throw in a pack. They will think fresh all day. Plus they can never have too much milk. Retired President Moi must have read well into this, I think, that is why he came up with the ‘Maziwa ya Nyayo’ idea.

Yourself: As a mother, you are majorly the decision maker of the family. You want to make sure that your family is at top health and that you all live fresh and healthy. Milk is what you need. You can add it to meals like omena, liver, eggs. They taste way better with milk believe me. You can use it to make masks for your face, to reduce as an anti-acid for the stomach. Ensure there is always supply of milk in your house. It goes a long way.

Actively Athletic People: Again, taking milk equals great bones. Great bones equal great athletic form. Milk is great for athletes and actively sporty people in general. It ensures you stay fresh in thought and in super great form while you play. Take a minute and ask yourself this question. Why is it that Yegos, Kiptoos, and Kipleyongs, are mostly the ones that dominate in athletics all over the world? Milk is the answer my friends. Daima Milk.

Working people: Say you skipped breakfast at home because you were running late to work. You can still take that Daima milk at work with your coffee at the work place. Or, when the samosa lady comes to your floor down them with a glass of milk. It is way better than the regular water, and way healthier than the other carbonated soft drinks.

Milk is important. While we all cannot afford to have extravagant baths in it, we can use it in many other ways to ensure we stay healthy every day.

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