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Five Unsung Heroes That Need To Be Celebrated More

by Laura Wambi Arina
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Mashujaa Day is here with us. It is a day set aside specially to celebrate the heroes of our country, those that fought to get us our independence from colonialism. While we totally owe our freedom to these shujaas, we often forget to celebrate those closest to us that are heroes in one way or another. Many a times we take for granted the people that perform heroic acts, no matter how small. Well, here are a few of them. If you fall in any of the categories then know that you are a hero, and we celebrate you for your good work.

Single parents
A child is the parents’ responsibility from the minute it is conceived in the womb to the day of death. It is tough enough to raise a child to be a responsible and of value to the society in a complete family in itself. Heap all that on one parent and tough does not even begin to describe it. Single parents deserve to be celebrated more. To be encouraged for their outstanding work of bringing up individuals in a world that is corrupt and full of many evils. It is by all means, no mean fete. We celebrate you today, dear single parent.

Say all you want about their strikes and demonstrations, but teachers need to be celebrated more. We are who we are because they taught us, used the cane on us when the need arose to get us back on track (and sometimes just to remind us who was boss) rid us of our ignorance and always told us to work hard so as to live better lives than theirs. It takes utter patience and strong will to be a teacher. We celebrate you teachers of Kenya.

Anyone that lets an elderly person have their seat or place
Whether in public transportation, a restaurant or a sold out concert, letting an elderly have their seat or place in queue automatically becomes a hero. The thing about age, is that it deceives us that we will always be ‘forever young’, which is not the case. Someday, your aging mother will need to rest her tired back for a while but none of the youngies will give a shoot. One day, your knees that are as strong as a horse’s will fail you due to old age as you wait in queue, and you will wish that a younger person lets you go first. That thing they say about doing to others what you want them to do to you is a working principle. Respect the elderly. Treat them with the care and love they need even if they are strangers to you. We will celebrate you for sure.

City council workers that clean our streets
You’ve probably never seen them anywhere. You are probably even very surprised that there are certain people specifically tasked with the job to clean these streets. That is because they work either very early in the morning, or very late at night. They ensure the streets are clear of the waste that is dropped all around the city. Without them, Nairobi would look like a dump site, what with the existence of some very irresponsible residents whose eyes are blind to all the litter bins placed all over the city, and would rather just drop waste wherever they want. This Mashujaa Day we celebrate you esteemed cleaners of our streets. You are heroes.

The person in the family that replaces the finished roll of tissue with a fresh one
Finally, on a light but totally relatable note, we celebrate the hero in the house that saves us all from making serious messes, just by placing a new roll of tissue in the loo when the old one is done. We acknowledge your heroic effort, we celebrate you!

Happy Mashujaa Day!

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