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Guinness Launches #MadeOfBlack Campaign

by Laura Wambi Arina

Ajuma Being Black

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Yesterday Guinness Kenya launched the ‘Made of Black’ campaign which is a part of the Guinness world campaign dubbed ‘Made of More’. The launch held at the Kiza Lounge and Restaurant Kilimani, was a fun-filled event that was graced by the who’s who in both the entertainment and corporate fields.

The campaign aims to bring together people who embody the spirit of black, to appreciate Kenyan diversity and to promote creativity and innovation amongst the people united by their shared flair of imagination. It is a platform where anyone and everyone from all walks of life will be able to showcase what they are made of, what they do and what they have, talents, gifts, traits, character and all.

The warm, relaxed and unofficial ambience at Kiza set everyone in the party mood. Well, almost everyone. The bouncers kept their faces and body language as serious as could be. Thanks guys, we felt very safe.

There was a great showcase of what people were made of at the event. The MC for starters, was extra lively and chatty and he dropped a couple of dope rap lines. It must have been the nice #MadeOfBlack theme or the drinks that were in free flow, but I got out my timid reserved shell, got on stage and did some karaoke, ignoring the fact that I knew no one in the lounge, (other than the celebrities that were in the house-Adelle, Talia Oyando, DJ Joe Mfalme, Juacali, Amina Mohammed and the journalists and photographers I have run into at many other events and have gotten acquainted to) and I shoved my Stranger Shyness Syndrome under the lounge couch as I walked to the stage to sing. I would pick it up on my way out. Or not.

Later on the Made of Black ambassadors were announced; Dj Joe Mfalme, Adelle Onyango, Juacali, Mutua Matheka, and Dj Arama-The Architect. Finally Juacali closed the night by performing some of his hit songs as Dj Joe did the mixing and dropping of beats.

I realized that Kenya is a country with such beautiful diversity. I met people that were made of consistency, some that said they were made of ambition. There was even this guy I met at the food queue that said he was made of smiles! Go to the Guinness website and share your story. Better yet, tell us what you are made of in the comments section below.

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