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Keep Young And Fresh With These Foods

by Laura Wambi Arina



I don’t know about you, but I would like to be, feel and look forever young. It is great to be able to walk for long distances, to see clearly, to feel like the world is your oyster, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you be flattered if as old as you are, on your way into a club or an adult restaurant with your friends, the bouncer stopped just you and asked to see your identification card?  I mean, it would be bad if coincidentally you didn’t have it on you and you were barred from entering the place, but wouldn’t you be flattered all the same?

The secret to looking young lies in your lifestyle. Eat healthy, work out and avoid alcohol and smoking. Here are some foods you should include in your meals in order to keep looking young even as your age keeps rising.


Avocados are a powerful anti-oxidant that will keep you looking young and feeling energetic. They are a great source of Vitamin E and they contain high levels of healthy monosaturated fats that nourish the skin and keep the heart healthy. The great thing about avocados is that you can use them in many ways to prevent aging; eat them raw as a food, mix them in your meals as garnish, include them in a vegetable salad, or make face mask with them. Whichever way you choose to use avocado, frequent use will keep you looking young.

Green vegetables

Better befriend your vegetable vendor if you want to stay forever young. Vegetables ranging from kale to spinach to traditional vegetables have lots of vitamins that act as anti-ageing agents. You’ll get Vitamin C which is very good for skin elasticity, Vitamin A which is key for great eye health and Vitamin K and calcium that are essential for strong bones and muscles. The secret to obtaining the most out of vegetables is to not overcook them because then, all the nutrients are lost in the heat.

Watermelon and cucumbers

These have very high water content which keeps your body well hydrated. They are also anti-oxidants rich in Vitamin A and C that keep the skin healthy and well moist. So include lots of water melons and cucumbers in your diet if you want to keep looking young. Cucumbers can also be used to get rid of dark circles around the eyes and eye bags.


You may not be from the lakeside, but fish is an essential meal for anti-ageing. Ever wonder why kids are given cord liver oil as they grow? Well fish is a great food for development and maintenance of a healthy and effective brain and this helps in keeping mental acuity at its best. The omega-3 essential fatty acid that fish contains, nourish the skin and works against dry skin and wrinkles.


It is not called the king of vegetables for nothing. Broccoli is indeed bursting with nutrients and micronutrients. It contains a healthy dose of vitamin C which helps to build collagen in the body. Collage is crucial for skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles and aged skin which are some of the tell-tale signs of aging.

Make a conscious decision to eat healthy throughout and as the years pass by, you’ll love the investment you made in your health.

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