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Why are There Double Standards for Men and Women?

by Laura Wambi Arina
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We are all for women empowerment and development but there are tiny everyday scenarios and situations that still keep us locked in the stone age period where women were expected to do or not to do certain things because well, they were women. Things that men can easily get away with and in some occasions actually get praised for. Double standards are everywhere today. Cases where one rule applies to a particular group of people while it does not to the other. Here are some outrageous ones.

Having many sexual partners

Mention to me one case of a woman that has two or three husbands that you personally know of. Forget the once in a blue moon occurrence that get to go viral and be aired on our screens. Can you think of any? No? I cannot either. Now, think of a man that has more than one wife or sexual partner that is known by everyone. My mind reels with scores and scores of them. A man can have many partners and that is okay. Matter of fact, it is a form of prestige in some communities. A woman on the other hand, is expected to submit to one man and if she wants to have another, it is all done in hush-hush. I am not advocating for unfaithfulness in relationships and marriages, but it is not fair that women are called promiscuous for having more than one partner while men gain ‘stud’ status.

Having a messy home

Walk into a man’s home, be greeted with his boxer shorts at the door and chances are, you will quickly brush it off with ‘He’s a man. It is expected that he be untidy and messy.’ Walk into a woman’s home, spot a table napkin on the floor and she will quickly be judged, harshly need I say, for being untidy and having a messy home. Really? Women just like men, have other responsibilities that do not involve only cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and making the man happy.

Being blunt or assertive
A woman who expresses herself by speaking her mind too much is considered to be very bossy and arrogant. She is expected to know her place and listen, only to talk where necessary. A mouthy guy on the other hand is displaying his verbal and communication skills.

The decision not to have children
A woman that chooses not to have children is often judged for being selfish. But why is being a father not considered a vital part of manhood?

Marriage and Settling down
When a woman gets to thirty and is still single, friends and family start to ask questions and even try to hook them up with men they consider eligible bachelors for them. They keep throwing hints at you like ‘Your clock is ticking’ and ‘the earlier the better. A man the same age is in his prime years and can stay single for as long as he likes or until he is ready to settle down and start a family.

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