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What Makes A Great Woman?

by Laura Wambi Arina
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Women have lots of things in common. Like having bad hair days and looking to their regular hair specialist to fix it, and caring to know whether a particular outfit makes them look fatter than they actually are. We care about our female friends, our nails, our shoes, our families and kids… However there are certain things that draw the line between a woman and a good woman, a good woman and a great on

A great woman will look out for her fellow woman.

This ‘women are their own enemy’ thing has to stop. A great woman will care about what happens to her fellow woman. Whether a sister, friend, colleague or just an acquaintance, be great enough to be concerned about what she is up to, where she spends her time, who she hangs out with. This should not be confused for outright stalking for gossip investments, but should be a way of women being each other’s keepers. Men defeat us because they stick up for each other to the grave. Five out of six of his friends will say that they were with him last night, and the last one will say that he currently has eyes on him and he is being a good boy, even when the man in question is standing right in front of you. A great woman looks out for her own kind.

A great woman will stick to her principles and values.

No matter what wind blows her way, a great woman stands strong by her beliefs, especially in compromising situations. She will not use sexual favours to climb up the corporate ladder, she will not accept bribes before she performs tasks, she will give none either. She upholds integrity and straight-forwardness to the end, even if it means losing some valuables for it.

A great woman works to better not just herself, but the people around her as well.

She is selfless, she puts others before her, not in a way that is disadvantageous to her, but in a way that positively impacts other people’s lives as she also grows. Mother Teresa is talked about and honoured today, many years after her death because she was a selfless woman, one that worked towards making those around her happy and satisfied. She was a great woman.

A great woman refuses to be tied down by society’s expectations

She does whatever makes her happy regardless of what other people will say. She inherits her father’s land if it is left to her, hangs out in the company of productive males if she so pleases. She works to be at the top in a male-dominated world, strives to make her own money and refuses to sit at home waiting for the man to provide. She acts when her rights are violated, speaks out when she feels a wrong has been done. A great woman explores new fields and takes risks because she believes in herself and is not afraid to fail.

A great woman smiles.

A smile is the best form of make-up a great woman can ever have on.

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