December is here with us. I love December; so many freebies, offers and discounts, lots of love shown and given…The year is winding down, the sun finally setting on twelve months of ups and downs, losses and wins, joys and sorrows. This is the month of leisure and pleasure, tours and travels. It is peak season for weddings, graduation parties, end-of-year work parties, family reunions, family vacations and many other forms of festivities. Well a wedding is not complete without a honeymoon, which is not complete without a beautiful travel destination. A couple of graduates will be lucky enough to be rewarded with a trip to whichever beautiful country for their exceptional performance, an employee of the year will get the opportunity to tour a certain wonder of the world. Families will pack up their bags and go for that vacation they have been planning all year. Whatever it is you have planned for, if it involves air travel, you might want to take a good look and consider going the Emirates Airlines way.

With flights to destinations most visited by Kenyans like Dubai, United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia, Canada and many more, Emirates Airlines offers two flights a day in Kenya, focusing on sustainability and not imitation. Their key concern is the customer’s satisfaction and this is done by:

Ensuring that you get the most comfort and value for your money before, during and after your flight.

Their signature lounges will have you relaxed and energized as you wait to fly. You get to have a taste of amazing cuisines from different parts of the world, spoil yourself with exotic wines and even get spa treatment if you so wish.

The airline operates in Boeing 777and Airbus series and Kenya is privileged to have the Airbus A380 plane, which is termed as the future of air travel. It has super modern seats that can be converted into fully flat beds with  a mattress and a vanity table and mirror that will help you prepare for the day ahead and arrive feeling refreshed.

They also offer chauffeur services to take you to wherever place you wish to go after you have landed at your destination.

State-of-the-art entertainment system

Dubbed ICE (Information Communication and Entertainment), the entertainment does not stop. It will have you hooked from take-off to touch-down, with a variety of movies and documentaries, games, excellent Wi-Fi if you wish to surf the internet and stay up to date on social media.

Using Digital Widescreen, Emirates Airlines offer movies with audio description and closed captions if you’re hearing or visually impaired.

Destinations Kenyans are flying to. She recommends Panama City to anyone that wants to have an amazing experience. It is the Dubai of South America.

Tailored services for young flyers

Special consideration is given to families with kids as they offer special mother and baby rooms for changing and feeding the kids. They get to board first, and to shop for kids’ treats duty free.

There is non-stop in-flight entertainment for your kids with over 50 Disney favourites, the latest kids TV shows and popular cartoons that feed their imagination. They can also choose from over 100 games to play. You get to capture special moments with our onboard camera. Ask our crew to snap your picture and you can take home a framed photo of your adventures together.

Country Manager Kenya for Emirates, Anita Kongson says, “We focus on kids because they are the future, they are tomorrow’s leaders. Giving them a great flying experience will have them flying with us for long and they will in turn bring their families on board. It is a long term investment.”

On business in Kenya and Africa as a whole, she says, “Emirates aims to grow 40% in Africa over the next ten years because we believe in its potential. Africa should not be underestimated in terms of trade. We have recently embarked on a new initiative to preserve wildlife because we believe in growing and bettering the world at large and not just our business. Kenya is obviously the hub of wildlife in Africa, so we are focusing more here. What better way to stop poaching by refusing to carry illegal goods like ivory and animal hides? If all airlines did that then poaching would stop.”

Well, there you have it. Book your flight today with Emirates Airlines and get the ultimate experience. After all, they are not an airline brand, they are a lifestyle.

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