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Motion Sickness And How To Prevent & Treat It

by Laura Wambi Arina
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Ever felt dizzy, nauseated or broke into a cold sweat while travelling yet a couple of minutes/hours before you felt just fine? Yes? Then you know the unpleasantness of motion sickness. Sometimes referred to as travel sickness, air sickness or sea sickness depending on the means of transport used, this is a condition that makes you feel sick when travelling. It results from a mismatch of information between the brain and the vestibular system, (nerves, fluids and channels in the inner ear, that give your brain a sense of motion and balance) like if your eyes cannot see the motion that your body is feeling or you cannot feel the motion your eyes see. The brain hence receives mixed signals resulting into confusion, and consequently resulting into motion sickness.

Ways to Prevent/Treat Motion Sickness

Children and pregnant women are most prone to motion sickness, but anyone else can experience it. The feeling of discomfort that comes with it can be very disturbing especially for a person who travels a lot, whether short or long distance. Here are a few ways to prevent or treat motion sickness.

Open the windows for fresh air

Sit next to a window while travelling if you are prone to motion sickness and keep it open until the feeling of sickness passes. The fresh air will help to reduce the dizziness and you will be able to see and feel the motion at the same time.

Eat sweets or Chew gum

Sometimes, you feel a build-up of saliva in your mouth when you get motion sick. This might result into vomiting. Chewing on gum or eating sweets ensures that this does not happen.

Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water

Have a lot of water during your travel. Dehydration can also lead to motion sickness

Stay away from fatty foods when travelling

Food with lots of fat contribute greatly to nausea. Stick to dry snacks like biscuits and crisps when travelling.

Avoid reading during travel

This applies only to those that get motion sick during travel. Reading a book, newspaper and even reading on your phone or tablet, only gets you sicker.

Eat/drink ginger products

Nibble on ginger biscuits. Drink ginger ale or Stoney soda. Ginger helps greatly too.

If you can, stay still and move your head as little as possible

Close your eyes and relax for instance by listening to music. Take a nap if you will. This will greatly reduce the feeling of disorientation and will keep you calm.

See a doctor or get OTC drugs if it persists

Motion sickness often goes as quickly as it comes. In most cases it is not a serious medical condition, but when the symptoms persist even after travel, then you need to seek medical attention.

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