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We are a happy lot in Kenya; a third cruise ship has docked on our waters to coincide with the popular holiday season. While these sea wanderers may be headed to the mountains, valleys and savannahs, we cannot dismiss the truth that a cruise vacation lies in the list of hopefuls on many a bucket list. As a believer in fate, destiny and preparation, here are some tips that you should take note of as you get ready to realize your dream.

Approve Your Own Budget

It is important to set a budget ahead of the day of embarkation; while some expenditures like meals and water will be most likely included in the total vacation fee some, some may require you to buy own drinks, internet, tipping and other items aboard. Set your daily limit and find out if you can grant charging rights to the children as well if on a family cruise.

Get effective Medical Insurance 

Cannot be emphasized enough, while there will be   doctors and medical facilities aboard, it is likely that the charges will be exorbitant. You can avoid such by ensuring that your medical cover has such provisions or buy a travel insurance that will cater to such emergencies

Pack your sea pills

Whether on a lazy sea day or docking somewhere in the ancient town of Lamu; the lengthy times afloat endless waves and humid temperatures can easily get to your system. Talk to your GP ahead of time and find a prescription that will work for you.

Etiquette and guest Interaction

Whether along The Nile or cruising the Caribbean, chances are you will be sea-bound with strangers from across the globe. It is important that you adopt a tolerant and patient persona while interacting with other vacationers.


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Go easy on the service specifics

Out there in the middle of vast waters and waves; fishing out a glass of atemoya juice or a cocktail of exotic garden-fresh vegetables may not be possible; learn to adjust your palate. On the same note, be a little patient with the service staff as getting stuff fixed could call in for a long wait to the next port of call.

Shared amenities

From the pool deck, to the dinner table, you’ll certainly be expected to share space with a couple of strangers. Respect others as having equal ‘rights’ to any common facilities. It’s always wise to inquire ahead of time what needs to be shared and with who. Once there, be pleasant and positive as warm people tend to attract the same energy from others. If it doesn’t happen worry not; the dolphins may catch it and dance with you under the moonlight while the gloomy folks snore away in misery!

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  1. Motion sickness pills are always a good idea. Especially if you are sensitive to that type of thing. You will certainly feel the effects when in the cabin.

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