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Pay School Fees With Nakumatt Smart Points

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January is a tough month for many a household. We’re usually straight out of the holidays and as we all know, during the festivities families have more than their usual expenses. There’ is a lot of traveling and lots of purchases for presents and extra food as families get together for celebrations. Come January when one is supposed to be paying fees, wallets are often in trouble.

Loyal Nakumatt shoppers are in for a treat. The retail giant is set to draw out more than 4,000 cheques at the value of Kshs.200 Million as part of its Smart Points redemption for school fees initiative. Shoppers with accumulated smart points can redeem them at the rate of Kshs.2 per point. A significant number of points will therefore total up to a good cheque and will come in handy to pay school fees. As part of the retailer’s commitment to support education development, Nakumatt will also provide a 10% added bonus for each redemption pushing the total redemption value to Kshs 2.20 per point.

Last year saw cheques of upto 160 Million.

Speaking, when he confirmed the launch of the programme to run through to early next month, Nakumatt Holdings, Regional Director, Operations and Strategy, Mr. Thiagarajan Ramamurthy, said the redemption programme allows Nakumatt shoppers to redeem their accumulated Smart points for School fees cheques drawn in favour of their School of choice.

“In the true African spirit of sharing, we continue to note that most shoppers, including those who may not necessarily have School going children, redeem their points for the benefit of their family and friends, domestic workers including drivers, house helps, gardeners,” he said, reiterating that, “all Nakumatt Smart Card holders, are encouraged to routinely redeem their accumulated points at every start of a School term as part of their value added benefits for shopping at Nakumatt.”

A nakumatt smart card will also hold more benefits, eg discounts and earning extra points upon purchase of specific products during offer periods.

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