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ASUS Transformer Flip Book, A Muse For Women

by Gathoni Wanjiku

Asus Flipbook

Purchasing technology devices and gadgets is not a woman’s cup of tea. And even though this is changing with time, women continue to consult their male counterparts on gadget details here and there.

Gadget manufacturers have tried to ease the hustle of purchase by listing gadget or device properties on stickers placed on laptops, phones and even home appliances.  Unlike a decade ago, today manufacturers are keen on producing devices that bring with them a womanly feel.

My last relationship with the ASUS Transformer flip book I can say was amazing and I would recommend anyone across genders but the women will love it better. The 360 degrees rotating touchscreen is the most comfortable laptop I have encountered in my days of reviewing gadgets.


The device comes in black and silver both dull brushed giving it a chilled out style and elegance.  Asus transformer flip book comes with a decent screen size of 15.6 inches not to forget its high technology response to touch.

The flexible design is a feature that allows the use to change from work to play in a matter of seconds by just transforming it to a tablet.

The thick chassis gives it stability on surfaces making it safe to have it on the kitchen counter as a recipe reference, living room as a digital picture album, gaming device for your kids without having to be physically in contact with it and even better a music or video player when you just want to chill and relax.

Processor and performance

Asus has incorporated high technology to boost the devices performance with the i3 core processor that is a huge engine for a laptop its kind. With a 1 Terabyte storage space paired up with a 8GB of the latest memory (DDR3) you are sure to have a highly responsive laptop that also allows yu to store as much junk as you want.

We all hate a badly performing batter especially on the go. On full charge, the device allows 5 hours of use which ranges to the same duration as its peers.

The laptop comes with additional features;  Wireless N(high speed Wi-Fi connection), Bluetooth, Gigabit LAN  that allows fast performance in wired networks, stereo speakers and VGA webcam.


However much the laptop worked to my advantage, I have a problem with the fingerprint magnet screen that interferes with clarity and has to be cleaned every now and then. The weight too was a bit of a problem but absolutely understandable considering the inbuilt hardware in place to give it it’s kind of performance.

The unlit keyboard was also a disappointment though the spacious base allows for efficient typing.


Asus has made a lot of upgrades through the device that is definitely worth the dime if you are looking for an average two in one device. Compared to its peers, Asus is pocket friendly for its specs.

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