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How Much Do You Know About Your Whisky?

by Gathoni Wanjiku
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How deprived of whisky information are Kenyans? Kamau Mbote, CEO and founder of Whiskynewsroom.com saw the gap between whisky lovers and the market a move that has been prompted by the bulging number of the middle class in Kenya.

The former barman and current writer and professional journalist is seeking to expose Kenyans to substantial information on best alcohol brands to purchase as well as best spots to hangout interact and share opinions.

Over the period, the growing working population a majority which is under 35 years of age has led to the increase in alcohol consumers with a rapid assessment survey by the national campaign against drug abuse showing that 4 million (13.3% of population) Kenyans consume alcohol with 30 % of Kenyans aged 15-65 having ever consumed alcohol in their life.

The website covers the entire spectrum of alcoholic beverages including whiskey, bourbon, brandy, vodka, gin, beer and wine products providing information on new launches, reviews, policy changes, events as well as a category on responsible drinking advice.

The site however restricts viewing of information by its audience keeping it exclusive to only those over the age of 18 years.

Besides exposure through the website portal, the founder puts it clear that alcohol users should be keen on packaged and legal alcohol to adopt safe drinking. According to NACADA, Nairobi has the highest current usage of packaged/legal alcohol, followed by Central. For chang’aa, Nairobi has the highest current usage followed closely by Western.

Rift Valley has the highest current usage of traditional liquor followed by Nyanza. For current usage of 2nd generation alcohol, it is highest in Rift Valley followed by Nairobi.

“We have our job clearly cut out. We first have to encourage among alcohol users the consumption of packaged/legal alcohol with over 100 deaths annually associated directly to consumption of illicit brews.” Said Mr Mbote

The creators are also looking to provide its audience with reviews of various drinking spots around the country information they deem important in a tourism sector driven economy such as Kenya.

“Kenyans and non-Kenyans looking to tour the country and at the same time enjoy a bottle of whisky or any other alcohol brands will only need to log into the newsroom to track the nearest spot.” Stated Mr Mbote.

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