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Ten Fitting Valentines Gifts for Him

by Nessa Shera
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So you’re already dropping hints, trying to get him to treat you in the best possible way you know how this Valentines, but what about him? Men may not say it, but they love being appreciated too. Many may not want the teddy bears and bars of chocolate but they’ll certainly appreciate a nice manly gift.  Ask him what he’d like this Valentines, he’d be pleased you’re thinking of him and may most likely reciprocate the gesture. But just in case he’s not picky or specific, here are ten amazing gifts to get your man, whether you’ve been together for three years, or three months.

Cologne: Research claims that men who smell better, tend to seem more attractive. So buying him cologne kills two birds with one stone. He gets to smell better, while you become even more attracted to him. Considering that you’ll be picking out his cologne, you basically get to choose his scent for the next couple of months. Everybody wins

A Photo Shoot: This is an inexpensive, wonderful idea particularly if you’ve been together for a while. Hire a photographer or head to a studio to help capture some of those wonderful romantic moments together

PlayStation Game/CD: If your man can sit down for hours on end just playing video games, he’d adore you if you got him this as a present. One of these fine days, sit down and interview him on his video game interests, just enough so you’re sure what to get him

Alcohol: If he-like numerous men throughout Kenya-takes pride in his alcohol, then there would be no better gift for him this valentines, like a nice beer or whiskey

Clothes: If you think he wears the same t-shirt or jeans a little too much, get him some new ones. You’ll probably see those repetitive outfits a little less often. If you’re not exactly sure what he’s into, take him shopping, that way you can both decide on what’s appropriate, and maybe have a little fun in the changing rooms

Accessories: This is easier than getting him a whole outfit, but it could also be equally pricey. A sophisticated watch, sunglasses, or tie would do the trick. Maybe a fedora if he likes to keep things edgy

A Book: If your guy is a bit of a book worm then you may need to head to your nearest bookstore to make his valentines special. Is he into fiction, non-fiction, mystery, thriller, or just obsessed with the works of a particular author? Whichever it is, get something that would keep him on the edge of his seat, just make sure he hasn’t already bought it first

A Mug: There’s nothing more simplistic that would keep you in his thoughts every time he drinks from it. Head to a gift store and pick the most appropriate mug, or have it customized to your liking and have something funny or romantic written on it

Shoes: Shoes are the most important part of one’s outfit, especially when it comes to men. Ensure your man is on point during this Valentine’s Day with an amazing pair of shoes

Music CD: Does your partner love a specific rock band, music genre, or artist? Buy him a CD with their latest music which he could listen to while in the car. You could also download a playlist filled with all his favorite songs, besides being inexpensive, he’d probably appreciate that you took time to learn what music he’s into.

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