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Are you a holder of the KCB Pepea card? KCB, in partnership with Easy Taxi, wants to take away the headache of taxi fares from you this valentine. Or at least reduce said headache to a very bare minimum. A ride that would otherwise cost you 1,000/- bob will cost you just 14/- bob within Nairobi and its environs. That’s pretty much a free taxi ride for you and your loved one!

The campaign will run on February 14th for 14 hours – 8.00am to 10.00pm. That’s more than enough time for lovers to go out for their dates and get back home no? Easy Taxi will dispatch 500 taxis for all your riding pleasure.

You didn’t think your bank would have a special role in creating your love memories did you? Well KCB just did!

What’s the catch? Nothing you can’t handle.

  • You will need to be a holder of the Pepea Debit Card
  • You will need to have the card with you
  • Your rides will have to be within Nairobi and its immediate environs
  • You’ll need to download the Easy Taxi app and use it to request a taxi
  • You’ll have to make the taxi payments with the Pepea card

The 14/- bob a ride offer only caters for the first Kshs.1,000/- and you’ll cater for charges above that. If for example your ride costs Kshs.1,400, you’ll pay Kshs.14 plus the extra Kshs.400. Your total payment will therefore be Kshs. 414.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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