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Safaricom International Jazz Festival – The Italian Night

by Nessa Shera
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One of the performances in the run up to the Safaricom International Jazz Festival was held last night featuring two Italian musical talents; violinist Francesco D’Orazio and Pianist Giampaolo Nuti. The event was held in a dimly lit, spacious area at Michael Joseph Centre, conditions perfect for the music that was being played. A little birdy even suggested that if the two musicians had flown in to perform on their own and not featured by Safaricom, then tickets would probably have ranged from about KShs 10,000 just to watch them play. Talk about getting value for your money.

The room was moderately packed with just about every race; it’s no lie when they say music brings people together. Even a few couples that made me feel that the event would’ve been even more perfect if I had a special someone by my side. Clearly my valentine’s spirit came a little too late. The two Italians continued playing beautifully, with the violinist Francesco taking breaks between songs. I finally realized what I needed to make the music sink in further was a drink. I had seen a few empty wine glasses on several tables, and since boyfriends couldn’t just appear out of thin air, I figured that a drink was the next best thing. There were complimentary bites and beverages, and I chose to indulge in some white wine.

I returned wine in hand, with an applause from the audience. It wasn’t for me of course. The end of every song was met with a supportive show of appreciation from the spectators. A few more people continued arrived at the event. The music coupled by their attempts to quieten their voices and footsteps while finding a seat, made me envision a sort of silent film. Anyways, back to the musicians.

Giampaolo would explain the source and inspiration behind every particular piece before playing it. He even sparked a little laughter from the audience, a joke that completely passed me. I blamed it on the accent. His skill on the piano made up generously for what I missed. The relationship between his fingers and the piano keys were symbiotic while he and his partner played different numbers, the most recognizable being the one classic that never gets old, ‘Take 5’. They both showed an air of experience and grace as they captivated the audience, myself included. I believe it would be an incredible understatement to say that the standing ovation received from the audience towards the end of the show was most definitely deserved.

Unfortunately the pair will not be sticking around for the Safaricom International Jazz Festival at Kasarani on Sunday due to tour constraints but we were glad for what they offered and looking forward to what the other stars have in the cards come Sunday.

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