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Cake Art Fair: Food Vendors Can Now Advertise on OLX

by Nessa Shera
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Several birthdays came early, if not twice for those who attended the cake festival yesterday afternoon. The Arboretum was filled with lively music from the various performances, and jam-packed with a mostly younger crowd, who cheered them on. The masses were spread out throughout the surrounding area, most making the ground their seats, as they enjoyed their cakes and socialized amongst themselves. The Cake Art Fair was all thanks to OLX, part sponsor for the event, who carried out the same to promote their new agricultural category launched recently on their website.

“We were looking for events aligned with our agricultural category, and we found that cake art affair fit what we were looking for. We wanted to get into the Cake art mood, and leave everyone with a message, which is; with OLX you can find meals, drinks, cakes and pastries”, says Elizabeth Ndambi, OLX Senior Media Planner.

For those who may be wondering what the connection between OLX, agriculture and cakes, here’s the clear explanation. “The idea on most people’s minds when they think ‘agriculture’ is someone on the farm, but we are trying to modernize this, in the sense that, this category will fall under products and services from the farm, to the food, drinks, and facilities in various restaurants and shops throughout Kenya”

This is where bakers, pastry and food experts come in. The cupcakes exhibited during the event were literally eye candy-comprising of Oreos, biscuits, and icing – you couldn’t help but let your taste buds take part in what your eyes were enjoying. Most certainly, several tasted just as good as they looked.

Many of these bakers experience challenges with the lack of customers who can appreciate their skills. “People may at times bargain a little too much over my cakes, and I may not always receive the appropriate money’s worth for my pastries”, says Grace Muthoni, a proud owner of Cakes & Ice Cream World, a company she facilitates from home. OLX seeks to support her and several other bakers throughout Kenya by exposing them to a larger number of possible customers. “Everyone here who deals with cakes and pastries, even anyone in the crowd, if you’re in the pastry industry or an aspiring baker, we’d love to work with you. If you don’t have a bakery shop, or are in the process of establishing one, you can always post your ad for free on OLX. We get around 150,000 views per day, a good number for anyone looking for customers.” says Elizabeth.

Just like any other seller on OLX, posting your advertisement is absolutely free and simplistic. “It’s the same exact way any other person who wants to use the OLX platform applies. Simply download our app, upload more than four photos of the product or service your selling, give a description, your location, and price.” Delivery is equally straightforward, as this is settled between the baker and the customer. This adds convenience to both parties, considering several bakers, even at the event, were based in their homes. The best part is that bakers and all food vendors alike get a 100% return from all the sales they make with the assistance of OLX.

OLX also participated in the cake spirit by exhibiting a few delicious, colorful treats on their stand. Anyone who had downloaded the OLX application or posted an ad on the website received a free cake while enjoying performances by Hart the Band, Flow Fani, and Yellow Light Machine, among other acts.

“In the next few months, we hope that the agriculture category becomes so systematic, that when people think about pastry or food, OLX immediately becomes their first choice…We want to be your number one online food and pastry supplier”

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