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How to Rock a Natural Look

by Nessa Shera
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Yes we look pretty darn good in our makeup, but to wake up at 5am every morning before  heading to work, just to polish up our skin sounds a little too cumbersome. So ditching the foundation and concealer is probably best if you’re looking to get a few more hours of sleep. Besides being easy and effortless, looking great in your natural state probably gets people commenting and seeking advice.

  • Your Skin Comes First

Before investing in makeup, spend some time purchasing skin care products. Unfortunately, not everyone can have flawless skin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Skin essentials include a moisturizer, cleanser, toner, and exfoliator. If you have more mascara than you do skin care necessities, then it’s time to go shopping.

Focus on how to improve your skin from the inside out. Drinking more water and devouring less fatty foods, will probably do wonders for your skin, amongst other things. Water is known to purge toxins from your blood, and as a result you get glowing skin.

  • Focus on your Eyebrows

How your eyebrows are shaped can make or break your face. Eyebrows bring structure and shape to your face, so it’s crucial if you want to achieve an incredible natural look. Did you know that the closer your eyebrows are to one another the smaller your nose appears? If you didn’t, you’re welcome. Adversely, the further they are, the bigger your nose.  This doesn’t mean that you start growing a uni-brow, that’s taking things too far. Simply ensure whoever does your eyebrows understands what works best for your face shape.

  • Work on Your Hair

As women we all have a little facial hair over our lips, including other parts of our faces. If you feel that they show on your face a bit more than you like, you can always shave them. As for the hair on you head, minimal effort is being put on your face, so make up for it with striking hair.

  • You Don’t Need To Exclude Makeup Entirely

Ditch skin oriented makeup (blush, concealer, foundation, etc) for nights out and special occasions. But nothing’s wrong with a little eye and lip magic. For the eyes, simple eyeliner would do, nothing too crazy like colored mascara and fake lashes. Applying a little liner, is quick yet easy, and makes an incredible difference.  Less can really be more in this instance. For lips, less striking lipsticks can be used such as pinks, nudes, and plums. Or just a good lip balm if you’re looking to be simplistic.

  • Put on some Jewelry

Add a tittle sparkle by including some ear rings and a chain to your outfit. However, too much jewelry again is a fashion no no. Ensure that it’s simplistic yet elegant enough to make a statement. Gold jewelry works best with warm skin tones, while silver looks better on those with cooler undertones. If you aren’t certain what that means, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist, if they look more blue, you likely have cool undertones, while greenish looking veins mean you have warm undertones.

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