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Get Your Maid Professionally Household Trained For Free

by Nessa Shera
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In this day and age it seems that going to school is almost unavoidable, and now house helps are also being called to exercise their human right to education. If I was a mother, wife, or had a maid, I’d probably be rejoicing at this news. It’s stressful enough looking for an appropriate house maid, and even more so when you’d still have to guide them through the household chores. As fun as that is, it’s tremendously cumbersome, and for the longest time, you’ll probably worry about the fate of your dish washing soap, since your maid still doesn’t understand how much is too much to use. Not to worry however, because Procter & Gamble (P&G) have come up with a Household Academy. P&G are providing classes to teach several maids throughout Nairobi proper household techniques, and the best part is that its absolutely free.

“P&G is committing to ensure that house helps are transformed into real house help managers who are able to take care of homes while employers are away,” added Ms. Irene Miheso, Communications Manager for P&G Kenya.

Working class mothers don’t need to be torn between staying home and taking care of their children, as classes in the academy include baby care, laundry care, and housekeeping tips. After your house help is sufficiently capable of taking care of your  baby, the only thing you need to worry about is your child accidentally calling the maid ‘mama’.

A house help’s close connection to the members of the family, can lead to the detriment of everyone in the household, if the maid perhaps fell ill. Thus classes on safety, personal development skills, personal hygiene and grooming will be taught to avoid such scenarios, and ensures that your maid understands the importance of cleanliness. They’ll also train the house helps on how to perform first aid, so you can rest assured that your maid will deal with your son’s knee injuries caused from playing outside a little too carelessly.  “It is crucial that we equip domestic managers with information and tools they need to keep homes and families safe as well as improving their financial literacy,” says Ms. Irene.

The free training sessions already kicked off in Nairobi at The Nest Place, Garden Estate till 5th March. Further sessions will be held on 8th to 12th March at Kilimani Elegeyo Marakwet Court. Then from the 15th to 19th of March at Lowela Hotel Fedha Estate, and 29th March to 4th April in Langata at Onyonka Estate, House No. A248.

By the end of March, P&G plans to reach out to 2800 domestic managers. With such an incredible offer, ensure your maid isn’t left out from the beneficial learning experience.

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