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Budgets are a necessary evil. In a perfect world we’d only spend money on luxuries while our government catered for the rest. Unless it’s constantly raining money in your alley, getting value for it is the next best thing, that’s why we women love our offers, sales and discounts.  Speaking of offers, Kenya’s leading service providers constantly deliver new deals to ensure that purchasing airtime isn’t too much hustle. However, which in fact is the better option? It really depends on what you prioritize on.


You’ve probably seen it on several advertisements already, on billboards, your TV screen, even on those annoying YouTube adverts you tend to skip most of the time.  Unliminet, I’m sure you’ve heard of it once or twice. My focus is on their Kshs 1000 a month, where you receive up to 2GB as well as free Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter when your bundle runs out. Personally my age is falls slightly on the younger side, so this for me fails to disappoint.  The bundles last throughout the month without the need to renew, while remaining at constant appropriate speeds. Where there is no Wi-Fi, I simply turn on the hotspot and use the same bundles on my laptop; and it still maintains its speed.

When it comes to Safaricom there are a few options that range at around Ksh 1000:

Post Pay Adavantage- Kshs 1000: There is no particular amount or set off bundles, minutes or sms given here, it’s like basically using pre-pay. You enjoy airtime worth Kshs 1000 and once the same has been used up, you pay accordingly.

Post Pay Advantage PlusKshs 1249: Why they don’t just make it Kshs 1250, I don’t know. This offer comes with 200MBS. If you aren’t sure, 1GB is equivalent to 1000MBS. Airtel gives you up to 2GB a month for Kshs. 1000, so keep that in mind. A friend who uses a former post pay offer on Safaricom for Ksh 1000, gets up to 100MBS per month. He told me he pays for an extra Kshs 500 for 1GB, and in total spends up to Kshs 1500.

Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1499: With this you get 300 MBS worth of bundles.

Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1999: This is basically two thousand shillings, but since there’s a 1 at the front, let’s assume it’s in the Ksh 1000 range.  Bundles for this offer are of 700MBS. This still doesn’t come close to Airtel’ s 2GB a month.

However a little one upper Safaricom can take credit for (haha…see what I did there) are that their bundles come with seamless streaming abilities; an issue Airtel or Unliminet has from time to time.

Calling/ Minutes

This is probably where Safaricom makes up for its bundles. My friend that I discussed about above said he prefers Safaricom for this very reason. With his post pay offer he receives up to 900 minutes between Safaricom calls, and 100 minutes throughout other networks.  His post pay offer of Kshs 1000, was unfortunately canceled and is not accessible to new users, he however continues to enjoy the same. If you’d like, you can get the same 900 minutes a month with the Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1999.  Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1249 gives you 400 minutes, while Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1499 gives you a total of 600 minutes. Airtel allows you 400 minutes of talk time for Kshs 1000 a month.

With the same amount of talk time given on Safaricom for exactly KSh 249 more, if you’re looking to get more for less, then Airtel is your best pick. However if you don’t mind putting in a little extra dough, Ksh 499 to be exact, then you can enjoy 200 more minutes with Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1499. 


This probably comes in handy when you can’t use your Whats App or basically bundles, or when you’re stuck with a Kibambe after your phone got misplaced. Anyways;

Unliminet Kshs 1000 monthly:  2000 sms. Personally I think these are a little too much, but you never know right?

Post Pay Advantage PlusKshs 1249: 200 sms

Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1499: 300 sms

Post Pay Advantage Plus-Kshs 1999: 500 sms


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