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Mombasa People – Your Uber Is Arriving!

by Femme Staff
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Mombasa people can now enjoy Uber Services starting today and the company kicks things off with a whole 6 days of free rides. Of course these free trips come with a few terms and conditions, though nothing that cannot be handled.

  • Free rides begin today Wednesday 23rd and end on 28th March at midnight.
  • Free trips are limited to a maximum of 5 rides per rider
  • Each trip is capped to a maximum of 1,500/-
  • Trips have to be within the Mombasa coverage area.

How will the costing look like? Here is a rough example though costs are affected by other factors like traffic jam.

  • Airport to Nyali beach: KES 1055-1300
  • Bamburi Beach to Nyali Cinemax: KES 680-750
  • Nyali Golf Club to City Mall: KES 330-500

Understandably, availability of cars may be a bit on the lower side in the initial phase as Uber works to put more cars on their system, and as residents uptake service.

To be able to access Uber services, all one has to do is download the Uber app, register in a simple lead on process, choose pick-up location, request a ride and track the car in real time as it comes to you.

As a satisfied Uber user, I’m actually happy for the people of Mombasa. Welcome to the club and enjoy your rides!

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