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Sending Money From Abroad? There’s An App For That

by Femme Staff

SawaPayDon’t we all just appreciate how technology is changing things for the better? For those of us who have had a relative or other abroad for as long as we’ve been alive, it is easy to compare and contrast what developments in communication and money transfers have meant over the years. It is through money transfer services for example that my sisters who live abroad are able to run my mother’s farm through financial input. It is through improved communication that they’re able to keep up with the goings on in the farm and monitor how the money is being spent.

People in the diaspora have been conned of millions of shillings in their attempt to transfer money through seemingly trusted relatives. There is no shortage of such stories in the press and the sad bit is that many of them never make it out. A lot of people choose to keep their pain and anger under wraps and let this pass. But the fact is, in the past a lot of money has been lost due to lack of better, safer methods of money transfer.

Enter SawaPay, a new app launched by First Choice Global Ltd, with which users in the diaspora can transfer money and make payments simply, quickly, conveniently and most importantly, securely. The app will allow customers in various states in the U.S. to send money back here in Kenya instantly and directly to bank accounts, M-PESA or Paybill for zero fees.

Here is what SawaPay users will be able to do:

Bank Deposits – Users can deposit money directly to a bank account in Kenya using the SawaPay app.

Instant Money Transfers – Users can send money home instantly and the recipient is able to access the funds instantly. The money can be sent either to Mpesa or the recipient’s mobile wallet.

Payment Services – Users can pay things like bills, utilities, tuition and even mortgages from the app. The sender is able to give specific instructions on how he/she wants the payments handled.

SawaPay is currently available on Google Play and will soon be released on the iOS App Store.

Learn more about the service here.

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