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Music For Charity – Gilad Live On Saturday At Nairobi Race Course

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The first time I listened to the song ‘Unajua’ by Gilad and Wendy Kimani, I binge played it for the better part of a day and would have gone on were it not for work interruptions. I just could not believe the beauty of that song!

I’ve always had a soft spot for a good duet and to have one done in Swahili and in such perfect tune and tone got me completely. As soon as I was in a position to I went online to watch the video, discover the people behind that song and read up everything I could about them. I fished the internet for more of their music though there wasn’t a whole lot of it. That is what a good music does to you though – it makes you want to search for more. I fell in love with the simplicity of the video, and the simple message that the song was portraying. Of lovers gone apart but missing each other dearly.

That was how I discovered Gilad – a former Israeli diplomat turned musician, and Wendy Kimani – a Tusker project fame finalist. I vowed to look for the pair, or at least one of them in concert and go watch them but I have not come round to it. I came to learn that Gilad has not been performing publicly anyway.

Until now. Well, at least until this coming Saturday and I can’t wait! Gilad will be performing at the Water Front Lawn – Race Course on Saturday. This is his first public concert since making his debut into the Kenyan music industry. The concert is a charity event in support of the initiative ‘Israel For Africa’s Youth’ empowerment program. Turns out that Gilad is not only an amazing singer but one with a big heart too. He’s a promoter of sustainable agriculture.

Israel for Africa was registered in Kenya on 11th March, 2010 and has its offices in Jerusalem, Israel and Nairobi, Kenya. The organization’s many different projects are funded by mobilizing resources from Israel to support the approach of using Israeli technology and know-how to take action and work with leaders and people of Africa to realize their potential.

For the GiladLive concert, for every Kshs.50,000 raised, Israel for Africa’ will support a youth group with irrigation kit. Agriculture is a sure way of empowerment of our youth and we know that the people of Israel are experts when it comes to farming technologies. IFA projects usually go as far as exchange programs and knowledge transfer programs between Kenyan and Israeli youth.

Also performing at the GiladLive concert are Juliani, Ammi the Veggie Man, Dela, H_art The Band, Eric Wainaina, and of course Wendy Kimani. Also in performance will be DJ Pierra, and DJ Wesley and Adelle Onyango.

What a way to spend the weekend! Get to watch some great singers and at the same time help support the great course that is promotion of sustainable agriculture. Tickets are available on Ticket Sasa. Advance regular tickets are going for Kshs.800/- and VIP Advance are going for Kshs. 2,000/-

See you at Race Course!

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