I believe it’s not just me who’s noticed. While People Daily seems to be doing fine with its free newspaper distribution, other newspaper vendors maintain a good stack of their papers throughout the morning traffic. No one feels the need to buy print media as much anymore,  spending sixty shillings to keep yourself preoccupied throughout the hustle and bustle of the morning seems a little too much of an unnecessary expense. I even heard of a particular newspaper company cutting costs; clearly things are taking an immense shift in print media.

After all, with cheaper bundle rates, and Wi-Fi seamlessly provided everywhere we turn, our smartphone devices provide affordable entertainment and news platforms, all in one. Social media sites such as twitter keep us in the know, while several websites and blogs…well…you’re reading this right now aren’t you? There’s a variety all over the web, more so than you can place on a few sheets of paper, and people are taking notice. Like one of my colleagues said, “Why buy it when I can get it for free”.

So what’s the next best thing to do, create eye catching headliners leaving you craving for more. Something I believe the Nairobian does beautifully, I’d love to talk to the writers there for headlining tips. The paper has caught me off guard on several occasions, making me halt for a moment from the journey I’d be embarking on at the time, just to glare at the captivating story. But only for a moment, I try to gauge the fascinating tit bits of the story, long enough to appreciate it, but short enough so I wouldn’t irritate the vendor selling it. I’m not the only one, with a small crowd usually surrounding the newspaper, slowly begin to disperse and continue on their trips to wherever. The newspaper still remains on the stand, maybe with one or two purchases, but for the most part, nothing.  An attitude based on the fact that information can be free, prevails once again.

Despite this, there’s something good about holding a hard copy newspaper in your hands, that and their several uses throughout your household once you’re done reading them. Probably why People Daily do quite well. My father still purchases a few, The Nairobian and Business Daily respectively, but he is what you’d define as old school. However, with a steadily growing ‘dot com’ generation, what will be the fate of print media in the near future?

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One thought on “Does Print Media No Longer Sell?

  1. Whenever I see one of those old school guys reading a paper somewhere and a catchy headline gets my attention, I open my browser and search for it. 100 percent of the time the same story is also on an online platform. So why buy when you can get it for free. After all, newspapers carry yesterdays news while online content can be updated with any new developments instantly

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