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The ASUS ZenBook UX305

by Gathoni Wanjiku
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Asus White

We all need a device that is managable. No lady wants to carry two bags to a meeting in the name of porting a laptop for use. We all need something we flash out and heads turn. It’s all about impression with women; sophisticated from my heels to my laptop.

The tech device market just like the motor industry has however not fully warmed up to the girls ‘need’ in manufacturing…But after a couple of reviews, I can pick one for the ladies. The ASUS ZenBook UX305 is probably one I want to keep.

The Ultra Book comes in four punchy colors; red, white, grey and Golden that all come with a sharp aluminium shine. What I have with meis arguably dark purple or burgundy if you like.

When exposed to enough light, you will notice its smooth matte texture on its lid with an additional sleekness thanks to the bread-slice like thickness (just made that up) well, a bit exaggerated but the thickness is impressive.

Like the Mac-Book Air, the device packs a Chiclet keyboard that is pretty spacious for the fingers to maneuver. Even though it is not back-lit, a mistake that ASUS continues to make, it is manageable in average light.

Design and performance

The 1.2kg laptop does not come with the touchscreen fanciness, a trend the manufacturing company has carried on in a series of devices. The absence of the spec however does not take anything away from the laptop. Its clarity at  1920×1080 (166 PPI) is just fine for the retina compared to peer devices. You get nice colour and great viewing angles that you don’t see in so many laptop screens within its range.

The ZenBook comes with the modern day ports; three USB 3.0 (two on the left, one on the right), a full-size SD card reader, a headphone jack, and a micro HDMI port. It is also paired with 2GB of RAM and either 32GB or 64GB of on board storage, augmented by 500GB of free Asus WebStorage

The Zenbook UX305 remains an excellent value in the realm of thin-and-light notebooks. If you want something high-end, there are undoubtedly better options, but, if you just want something good for as little money as possible, the UX305 is very compelling.

The Skylake update delivers a significant bump to GPU performance in particular, making Core M feel like less of a compromise than it did in the previous model.

The good? The laptop is fan less, a plus in this day and time when no one is ready to put up with a noisy portable machine. Also, the Solid construction, good keyboard, and decent selection of ports provide a simple, non-complex device.

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