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The New Tecno Boom J8 Is Here

by Nessa Shera
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On Saturday 2nd April, we headed to the launch party at Garden City Mall featuring the new Techno Boom JB. The phone was introduced and accompanied with white wine, aromatic bitings, and fascinating entertainment. Aside from all the fun, the phone itself displayed some distinct and captivating features.  While I’m no phone expert, the phone seemed pretty impressive, at least from what I noted.

Like every normal person who’s analyzing a phone, my fingers found their way to the camera. The back camera comprises of 13 megapixels and features LED flash and autofocus, while the selfie snapper has about 5 megapixels. I must say, the selfies I took with the front camera were impressive enough to make it onto my Instagram. The overall look of the phone is pleasing to the eye, with its rimmed metallic frame, which is also helpful for those who tend to drop their phones every now and then. The look is more high-end, with about 5.5 inches, being its general size. For those who don’t like their phones white, there’s the option of gold, and black.

If you’re like my brother, who goes straight to find out how much memory a device holds (geek), you may be impressed with what this phone has to offer. It has a capacity of 16 GB, which is expected to be expandable by up to 128 GB using a microSD card. The phone comes with several features to ensure minimum waste of your memory, enabling it to work seamlessly without frustrating lapses and interruptions, while also enjoying long lasting battery life. The handset is supposedly the first to be powered by Tecno’s newly-designed HiOS software, a custom version of Android 5.1 Lollipop. Just a click of a button and you can easily clear caches, and bits of unnecessary memory which leaves the device working at high performance.

Of course the Boom J8 has been dubbed as the device for music, ‘all about beats’, so we can’t forget to talk about it. The audio quality is tuned by Maxx Audio technology, which ensures you enjoy great sound both via the loudspeaker or headphones. And with apparent music already provided in the phone, you need not have to go through the hustle of downloading your favorite tracks. As an avid listener of music, this would’ve been all I needed to hear to purchase the device, if I had a few thousands lying around with me.

Not only is music already in-built, and ready for your enjoyment but so are themes. With various choices, you can alter the theme or appearance of your phone, without having to download the same. Other fun features include a button specifically made for changing your wallpaper, you literally click and walla, different wallpaper, which is entirely different from the theme option if you’re wondering. Also hand gestures like waving your hand over the phone to answer, and covering the same to silence it make for great aspects when your a little too occupied to handle your phone. With all this and so much more, for the simple price of just Kshs 17,000, it’s a phone to definitely try out.

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