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Safaricom-Kenya Power Partnership. Better, Faster, and More Accessible Internet Connection Coming Your Way

by Nessa Shera
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If there’s one thing I can’t remember living without its internet connection, how else can you fill in the void that is boredom from time to time, while discovering the latest news and trends? Whether it’s by using Wi-Fi or data bundles, internet has vastly become part of several lives throughout the country, from the way things are viewed to the way people conduct their daily routines. I mean, thanks to internet, your reading this article. And now, Safaricom and Kenya Power have partnered up to ensure that even more homes throughout Nairobi have access to internet connection.

Kenya Power already owns and operates up to 4,000km in length of fiber optic cable network in Kenya. Safaricom collaborated with the same to provide internet to homes via Kenya’s Power’s electricity distribution network. Under the partnership, Safaricom will lease additional broadband infrastructure built and owned by Kenya Power in order to roll out a “last mile” network, with the aim of connecting more homes to its broadband internet services.

As a result this will be able to accelerate the rate of internet and telecommunication connection to homes. Safaricom has already rolled out 3,200km of fibre reaching 7,000 homes, and it still seeks to target more than 12,000 homes. This will open up more opportunities for the company to provide its consumers with fast, reliable broadband services from the comfort of their home.

While this presents a good opportunity for many, what would be the internet payment rates? Currently, 30 day bundles go for Kshs3,000 for 12GB-Kshs250 for 350MB, and 90 day bundles are about Kshs 9,000 for 30GB-Kshs3,000 for 6GB.  Is this fair and affordable, or will several homes and companies that will soon have access to fast reliable internet feel the pinch of its price? Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Power, Dr. Ben Chumo says, “The agreement will promote development and improvement of additional telecommunications infrastructure…through provision of adequate, reliable and competitively-priced fibre networks”. So what are competitively priced networks, or what will be the price ranges?

With more people able to access internet, many will not only be able to discover what their long lost friends are currently up to on Facebook, but will open them to a new world of possibilities in recognition of the trans-formative impact of the Internet.

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