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5 Websites That’ll Bring in More Traffic To Your Blog

by Nessa Shera
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Blog LogoWith thousands among thousands of blogs today, many of us need to go the extra mile to get our blogs noticed and pouring with traffic. While content and proper titling of your posts is the first step, how to get them out there into the world is another. After reading this post you may soon start noticing your stats build up day after day.


Facebook will never let you down, with several platforms within it to post whatever you’d like to several types of audiences, this takes the cake. You can post on your personal profile, however depending on the number of friends you have this may or may not bring in as much traffic as you’d hope. Another alternative is posting on groups; there are thousands of groups on Facebook that focus on several categories. If you have a food blog, join groups that compromise of other food bloggers, or foodies to ensure more visitations to your website. You can probably get ten or more groups that focus on the category your blog emphases on, whether it’s on technology, fashion, lifestyle, makeup and beauty, there’s something for everyone.

A further alternative is to start your own Facebook page for your blog; this gives you your own personal platform where you can post as much as you’d like. For a small fee daily, you can also promote your page, and get up to 1000 views on your page. Or you can slowly accumulate likes by ensuring your page is interesting by including videos, images, memes, etc with your blog post links.


With a relatively big following on twitter, you can get a few re-tweets on your blog posts, and some traffic directly into your blog. Again, make sure your twitter is interesting and relatable.

Google Plus

Google Plus is like the new Facebook. Google Plus has several communities, similar to groups on Facebook, except you don’t have to wait for an approval to join. With several categories, from beauty, fashion to lifestyle there’s a community for everyone to join, post their blog links, and interact.

Stumble Upon

Probably the best website I’ve found out there to share your content. After sharing your blog pages or links, you may almost immediately see an immense boom in your stats overnight. However it’s not always certain you’ll get such large numbers coming into your blog with every post you share. It’s also recommended that you don’t continuously post your own content, as your website becomes less recommended and the less stats you may receive. You also need to give back, contribute, read and like a few websites too.  If you’d like the website to recommend your website to countless viewers, instead of constantly adding your page, include their badge on your blog, while still contributing to other websites on the platform, believe it or not they monitor your behavior on the site, be good and you’ll be a happy every time you go check out your stats. This may not be your kind of platform however, if you’re seeking a more Kenyan audience.


While a bit strange, this also provides for some good traffic to your blog. It’s a bit slower to bring in traffic, and like on stumble upon, you can’t constantly post your blog links, and you also need to interact with others on the website. When it comes to posting, interesting titles are everything, the more your post is liked, the more people will view it and the more it’ll be recommended, also just like stumble upon.     

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