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Expectant Mothers To Enjoy Baby Shower Sponsored By Pampers

by Nessa Shera
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Excited mom-to-be Joan Sanaa and her lovely baby bump

Excited mom-to-be Joan Sanaa and her lovely baby bump


There is probably no baby shower in history of baby showers that doesn’t include pampers as a gift. After all, it’s probably essential if you’d like to ensure your new found love and baby allows you to enjoy the few hours of sleep that you can, before its wailing keeps you awake for the rest of the night. It’s true that pampers don’t just assist your baby, it also provides you with some peace of mind from a clean, quiet, and happy infant. If that’s not enough, Pampers, the world’s top-selling brand of baby diapers, is giving back even more.  Pampers will host a surprise baby shower for expectant moms throughout Kenya.

More than 1.2 million babies are born in Kenya annually; that equals a lot of baby showers and pampers. In fact by 2013, the market for disposable diapers hit the $30 billion (Sh2.58 trillion)mark. Pampers will use its social media platform to help pick out lucky mums to be a part of the ultimate Pampers Baby Shower experience. Guests will enjoy special treats and receive goodie bags filled with Pampers obviously, and other gifts. Kenyan celebrity mothers and baby experts from the Kenya Pediatric Association will join in the festivities at the showers and share their personal experiences and advice. Imagine posting your very own baby shower with a few famous mummies on your Instagram. This also provides a platform for helpful discussions and tips such as how to choose the best diaper for a baby to how to effectively put a baby to sleep.

“The arrival of a baby into your home is a blessing and indeed one of the most exciting moments of a parent’s life. Pampers knows the value of being prepared,” says Jane Ngugi, Pampers Brand Manager. “Pampers has always been a key part of a baby’s happy healthy development since birth and now we are excited to extend that relationship into the day’s leading up to a baby’s arrival. Through the showers we will be offering parents much more than diapers as they’ll also have the chance to engage with pediatricians and nurses so they can leave the showers feeling more confident as they await the arrival of their little ones.”

Being an expectant parent brings its share of excitement, joys and fears. Now, Pampers makes celebrating the arrival of your new bundle of joy even easier for parents, friends and family. Pampers has been and is committed to caring for moms and their children by providing diapers that help keep babies dry and comfortable. With quality products designed for a baby’s development and health, Pampers is making a difference for every baby.

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