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More Reasons To Love Olive Oil

by Sandra Dindi
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If there is one fat that I binge on without fear of losing my waistline, it’s olive oil. Apart from its distinctive sour taste that gives food a rich flavor, virgin olive oil has long been documented to have endless health benefits. From lowering blood pressure, decreasing risk of heart diseases to lowering cancer risks, there are a million reasons to fall in love with olive oil. I love to include olive oil in just about every recipe and particularly in salads. 

What is olive oil?

It is fat extracted from olive berries from olive trees that grow naturally around the Mediterranean region. Although-there are areas where they are grown for commercial value. The fat is then hard pressed to extract virgin olive oil. This type contains phytonutrients and is famed for its anti-inflammatory properties.

A second pressing of the extra virgin olive oil produces virgin olive oil which has lesser anti-inflammatory properties but has other numerous health benefits.

What is cold-pressed virgin oil?

This means that heat below 80.6°F was used to extract oil from the olives. Temperatures above 80.6°F may help to extract more oil from the olives but at the same time destroy the natural flavors and aroma of extra virgin olive oil. This reduces its quality and may be the reason why olive oil bottles labeled ‘cold pressed’ will likely be more expensive.

Other ways to use olive oil away from the kitchen

If you are like me, you have basically used olive oil on every other dish you prepare. Works wonders in the kitchen. But did you know you can use olive oil for other purposes other than on food?

Olive as furniture polish

Don’t have wood spray? Mix 2 spoonful’s of virgin olive oil, a teaspoonful of lemon juice and quarter cup of vinegar. Spray the mixture on furniture and rub with a rug as you would with wood polish. Your wooden surfaces will look as good as new!

Fix a squeaky hinge

Fix that squeaky hinge with a little rub of olive oil. It works as good as if not better than grease.

Remove makeup

Other than using harsh soaps or removers to wipe away eyeliner, try olive oil. Olive oil acts as a moisturizer that will soften dried up makeup making it easier to wipe away especially around your eyes. Also, reduces risk of eye infection common with many removers.

Remove paint

Want to quickly remove paint on your skin after a fun day with colors? Rub some olive oil on the paint and let it soften. You can then easily wash it off.

Hair treatment

Olive oil is great as a detangling moisturizer and mask for dry brittle hair. It’s no wonder most hair relaxers and treatments on the market contain olive oil extracts. However, using the original virgin olive oil works even better. Mix a quarter cup of olive oil with honey and rub on hair. Leave for an hour on hair if you are not going under any heat.-If you are, 20 minutes is enough. Wash off hair and dry. Feel the difference?

Oil Pulling

When I first heard of oil pulling I thought we were talking offshore oil rigs and Gulf politics. Then I learnt that it’s a DIY health and beauty procedure and thought that it must be weird and painful. But my fears were unfounded and I have since come to learn that oil pulling is a non-invasive procedure that does wonders to dental health.

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