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The Tecno Phonepad 7II – What To Expect When It Finally Comes

by Femme Staff


If you’ve been keeping up with the Tecno brand, you know by now that of late they’ve been launching gadget after gadget into the Kenyan market. For today we’re looking at the soon to be launched Tecno Phonepad 7II. From what we’ve heard, the it will have these features:

A 7” screen as the name of the Phonepad suggests. With phones getting bigger and bigger over time, the size of this gadget does not necessarily look outrageous but I feel like the size will be more fitting as a tablet than a phone. For those who will opt to use it as a phone though, it is Dual SIM so they can take advantage of that.  It will take a standard SIM and a micro SIM. What’s more, the gadget will be 4G ready.

I like that kind of display size especially for watching videos and series. I often watch these on phone and the additional screen size makes things this much better. With a resolution of 600 X 1024, video quality won’t be bad either.

The camera will be 2.0mp front and 5.0mp rear. Both will have flash and the rear camera is auto focus. This camera MP is not all that but it will do for normal every day photography, say for social media updates. Considering that I’ll usually have another phone with me, I’m not too worried about this.

The battery is a good 4100mAh and this is an assurance that chances are it will not run out in the middle of an engaging scene on Empire or The Good Wife. For example, a single charge will have you covered for 12 hours of video. This feels like a good long distance travel companion. If for example you’re in a day bus to Mombasa, you’ll be able to use the gadget or the whole journey. Have a power bank with you though in case of unexpected traffic. So when parking your shawls and bikinis for the beach, do not forget to pack the Tecno PhonePad 7II for full time entertainment.

With 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory which is expandable, one can store quite a bit of pictures and videos.

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