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The Tecno PhonePad 7II

by Femme Staff
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Hot on the heels of the Tecno DroiPad 8 II, Tecno will soon release the PhonePad 7II into the Kenyan market. I recently just got my hands on an advance piece and a review is coming up soon. For now, here is what to expect in the box if and when you decide to purchase the device.


Tecno Phonepad

The Phonepad comes with a free branded protective cover. This saves users the agony of going to look for them separately.


Tecno Phonepad

At the bottom of the phonepad are the two speakers, charging port and mic.


Tecno phonePad

There’s a clear sheet at the back on which is imprinted directions on where to insert the sim cards and memory card. At first I was worried that it makes the back cluttered and untidy but its loosely stuck and comes right off.


Tecno PhonePad

In the box also there’s a little pocket with the user guide, the Warranty card and some information on the Palmchat Palmplay apps. There is also the charger and USB cable. There are no earphones unfortunately. You’ll just have to use some that you already have.



My test piece came in gold. Just as well because I particularly dislike black and grey gadgets.


There are those of us who were taught never to through away anything and this is a habit I’ve grown with since. Once you’ve removed everything, the box can be reused for storing small items around the house, eg buttons, needles, pins etc. It could do well as a jewelry box. It really is just a nice box to have around the house.


Keep it here for a full review soon!

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