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How to Take Care of Your Dreadlocks

by Nessa Shera

Recently one of the best hair trends so far has been dreads. Since dreads have become more acceptable in most careers as well, it is important to maintain and style adequately.

  1. Shampoos: Use residue-free soaps and shampoos; it’s preferable to use products that are natural so that way you can make sure your dreads do not get worse.
  1. Roll your dreads: Instead of spending an awful amount of time in the salon every other week, she starting rolling her own dreads. This is a great way to keep them tight and maintain their shape. This is also the same way your dreads are rolled while in the salon. When you still have baby locks it is advisable to use a bit of wax so it hold properly.
  1. Blow-Dry your locks: You can either decide to air dry or blow-dry your locks. Doing this helps to avoid the damp horrible scent when still wet.
  1. Do not apply wax to wet hair: Ever felt gelled hair? It’s super hard and so stiff and looks a bit tricky. Ensure you apply wax when your hair is dry, this way your dreads are easy to maintain.
  1. Wear a head scarf: For the love of your pillow, wrap a scarf around your dreads. The last thing you would want is wax all over your pillow. It is really important to wear some type of band around your hair when you sleep.
  1. Use apple cider vinegar: This reduces the struggle of itching. Just a few drops of this vinegar and it will help calm the itching down. Preferably put some on cotton wool and wipe your scalp.
  1. Use only specific dreadlock products: Don’t listen to those who say you can grow dreadlocks with anything in your kitchen, if you cannot go to the salon, dreads probably aren’t the way to go. You can find these products very easily online or get advice from your salon.

Dreads can be classy as long as they are well taken care of. Follow those simple guidelines and rock those dreads. For more details click here.

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