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An End To Time Wasting Meetings? The Lenovo Smart Meetings Rooms Solution

by Femme Staff

Lenovo Smart Meeting

Have you ever calculated the time you wasted in meetings? And the even more time you waste shuttling across town to go to said meetings? This picture will look even worse if you’re in Nairobi where traffic on some routes can eat up a whole half day.

Studies have concluded that meetings are the number one time waster. More than 22 hours are spent by employees per month in meetings and on top of all this, 70% of workers claim that meetings are actually unproductive. It takes so much to set them up. Connecting projectors and displays takes time and can be quite frustrating.

Not any more with Lenovo Smart Meeting Room Solutions. a collaboration with Intel featuring the ThinkCentre Tiny desktop and Intel Unite technology which will transform meeting room spaces, change the way employees collaborate and provide a valuable boost to productivity. The ThinkCentre Tiny desktop with Intel vPro will leverage the new Intel Unite technology which allows devices to connect wirelessly to new or existing displays, projectors, or interactive whiteboards — no cables needed. Meeting attendees can view and present up to four presentations at the same time, while also sharing and annotating content.

Furthermore, the Lenovo Smart Meeting Room Solution allows up to four presentations to be shown on a meeting room display while content can also be annotated in real time. With secure rotating PIN codes attendees can also access the meeting by simply inputting the meeting PIN code generated by Intel Unite into their device and also effortlessly distribute content among all attendees.

Here is a clear demonstration on how this brilliant solution works.

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