In 1910, a Father’s Day celebration was held in Spokane, Washington, at the YMCA by Sonora Smart Dodd, to celebrate her father William Jackson Smart. He who raised his six children by himself. This marks the beginnings of a holiday that has become accepted as a universal day to celebrate our fathers.

Back home, the idea of a father’s day has been catching on slowly over the last decade. My experience has been that regardless the generation, fathers are pleasantly surprised when appreciated -for a day. Your dad may be proper old school but any day set aside to celebrate his contribution will be deeply appreciated.

It could be a simple lunch date with dad to let him know how much treasured he is or a renewal of his club membership. You can also surprise him with a fantastic getaway for the weekend at a majestic lodge as you will find out later on.


However, being a father is hard work. Our fathers struggle with lots of issues yet the society does not allow them room to deal. Being macho means crying and counselling are ultimate signs of weakness in the society. The result? We have men who feel trapped in their own problems.

Sometimes a self destructive cycle begins where the man feels that he has become less relevant to the society and family. In the end, this may become a real masculinity crisis when a man is no longer the head, provider or protector of his family. Maybe some of the absurd cases we hear of and watch on the news are as a result of such complexities.

He lacks direction and waders through life aimlessly. Choosing to avoid his responsibilities and becomes an absentee father or as commonly known, deadbeat dad. A man at this point engages in self-pity and may get into substance abuse and physical neglect. Often times, these men may be in wallowing in complete denial and not recognize that they need help. They therefore don’t seek any and things could go on a downward spiral.

Bush Breakfast

We need balanced men. The society needs to help men heal the emotional scars they have in the course of the battle with life.

There’s nothing better than to celebrate the REAL MEN in our lives, with a weekend retreat at Serena Mountain Lodge for a chance to unwind, bond and learn from with one of Kenya’s accomplished authors Jasiel Njau, author of “Real Man”.

The venue of the event is nothing short of magical, backed by Serena’s guarantee of standards. It should be the best fathers day gift anyone could have, Furthermore, they’ve made it more memorable by throwing in a rooftop dinner and a morning forest walk.

Talk of a complete manly retreat!

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Call: Humphrey on 0734699868 or email to get a special man on this retreat. Self drive option available starting from KES 10,850/-

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