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Windows 10 On Microsoft Lumia Phones – Productivity Reinvented

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Since it came around in July last year, Windows 10 has been well received and so far installed into 300 Million gadgets worldwide. PC and laptop users have been enjoying Windows 10 since then, and now the power of Windows 10 has been brought to phones with the release of Lumia 950 and 950XL.

Imagine being able to connect your phone to your laptop and being able to use applications, office documents, and watch full HD movies on the extended screen of your computer. Even making or receiving calls while running other applications on your laptop from your phone with no interference. With the latest Lumia devices, all these and much more has become reality. These devices come with upto date features to enable users get the most out of Windows 10 and enjoy PC like experiences powered by their phones. Having the power of windows 10 on your phone, and therefore in your palm the whole time means having your business with you at all times. This is a game changer in terms of productivity.

Here is a small example of the power of Windows 10 on phone. You can draft your documents and presentations on desktop, leave the office to go for a meeting, open the documents on phone on the way there, and finish working on them before you get into your meeting. All these because Microsoft lets you sync everything on one drive and access remotely. All these done under the near iron clad security features that come with Windows 10. And all these without the documents losing fidelity across devices. With the Microsoft display dock and continuum, you get the freedom to set up work anywhere.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL basically has the immense ability to transform a mobile device into a PC-like experience. In addition, the phones come with the latest-generation PureView cameras with 20-megapixel sensors, triple LED natural flash and 4K video capture. The devices enable faster focus and crisper images and videos. With these kind of resolutions, video conferencing does not render those grainy videos that people cannot even see.

Why should one take the Microsoft Lumia with Windows 10 route?

Well among other features, there is enhanced security so that data encryption and enhanced device security helps protect personal as well as business secrets from landing into the wrong hands. Documents, excel sheets and presentations do not lose fidelity when worked on from different devices. There is also seamless integration with other core business systems like Office 365. This means that you can work in and outside the office.

In combination with Office365, productivity is on a whole other level and you’ll never miss a deadline.

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