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Safaricom BLAZE Kenya is here to stay

by Femme Staff

BLAZE was launched one month ago and people across the country are already gearing for it albeit the general perception that BLAZE is somehow confusing and the targeted group don’t have enough know how about the brand.

To enlighten Kenyans about the initiative, Bloggers Association of Kenya hosted an open forum dubbed ‘Move over Millennial, Here Comes Kenya’s Generation Z’. The event featured four panelists; Andrew Riungu – Manager Consumer Insights and Research, Safaricom, Magunga Williams – Writer, Blogger and Online Bookstore Owner, Muthoni Maingi – Digital Manager, Consumer and Enterprise Business Unit, Safaricom, Marion Wanyoike – Senior Manager, Youth Segments, Safaricom.

The panelists tabled relevant information about BLAZE’s mission and the reasons for its formulation. One of the panelists; Magunga, explained the reasons why the youth need to be empowered by giving them a chance to explore their skills and abilities in different fields. His story at the forum brought out a bigger picture on how important platforms can be. He narrated how his writing career has evolved over the years and how he independently started an online bookstore. His store has so far made it possible for writers to sell their books online.

Magunga’s story epitomize BLAZE’s objective of giving young people a platform to realize their purpose in life. Andrew Riuguru explained Robert’s Nabatson’s story which was not rosy when he started his fighting career. Robert wanted a platform to uplift his fighting spirit and freedom to express himself. “I did not allow my past and my childhood to dictate my future. I fought for my dreams and pushed myself beyond. When you find your passion, what you do has more impact. Push yourself beyond.” Robert wrote.

“Blaze Kenya is anchored on three principles; friendship, success and freedom.” Muthoni Maingi said. The principles are basically meant to make the youth have a clear purpose in life. The friendship principle is hard to enforce but the panelists affirmed that the friendly mobile plans and summits will bring people together and thereafter create a good unifying factor.

To enhance empowerment across the country, BLAZE introduced Summits, Boot camps and a TV Show meant to empower many young people.

“The BLAZE Kenya summits present an opportunity for the youth to listen to and interact with individuals who they have said they look up to for different reasons, most notably their success in what is unconsidered unconventional fields, and at a young age,” Sylvia Mulinge, Director of Consumer Business – Safaricom said after BLAZE made an official announcement of the Summits earlier this month.

“We understand that the youth have passions and aspirations that they would like to turn into real careers and these summits will give them a chance to listen and learn from other young Kenyans who have overcome all sorts of obstacles to succeed. Through B.Y.O.B. they will learn how to create and take advantage of business and employment opportunities, plan their finances and manage the resources they have at their disposal,” she added.

Here is how Safaricom’s BLAZE works.

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