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Book of Discounts; Cut Your Lifestyle Expenses by Half

by Nessa Shera
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We all jump at the sound of discounts and offers; now imagine an entire book filled with them. That’s right, a book packed with coupons to make several parts of your lifestyle, from food, beauty to accommodation just a little more affordable.  All you have to do is rip out a coupon one at a time, and enjoy using it at the particular location offering the discount, which comprise of a range of restaurants, spas, and hotels. Considering it’s a book load, you’re basically spoiled for choice.

The ‘book of discounts’ is known as Discoucher, founded by Sharon Njoroge, it seeks to ensure a better appreciation for recreational activities among the growing middle class population. It even promises savings of up to Kshs 300,000 when purchasing the book. It incorporates several vouchers that promise a free meal for every one meal bought in several restaurants such as Asmara, Carnivore, and Clay Oven among numerous others. Not only that, but it also provides for free facials and massages, for particular services or products purchased in several beauty spots such as Aromatics Spa, King’s Gym Spa, Euphoria Fish Spa, and many more. This brief summary doesn’t even cover all the discounts found inside the book, which also comprise of free hotel nights as well as other luxurious services.

A friend of mine purchased the book, and as I gave it a brief skim through, I realized how incredibly genius it would be for anyone to buy the book. First of all, up until you finish using all the coupons, you have several opportunities to pay for one meal, while you receive another for free, which already saves you a few thousands. In that very same book are possible birthday presents for all your friends and family, give them a voucher for a spa or dinner date. It’s incredibly perfect. Then again, if you’re a lifestyle blogger use the coupons for giveaways to promote your website, there are probably more vouchers than you can use alone. Or if you’re feeling money minded, sell a few and get a little cash. It’s more than a saving kit; it could also be an investment.

The best part is that it’s only Kshs 2,000, a small price to pay considering how much you’ll save in the long term. After taking a look at it you’d probably feel positively happy about your purchase. One you should make as soon as possible, considering the book is only valid up until the 30thDecember 2016.

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