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Learn How To Love Your Job

by Nessa Shera
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The fact is, not many people love their jobs. Actually most are probably miserable waking up early hours to start their day, and why do they stay? Because bills need to get paid, food needs to be consumed, and the obvious need to live under a comfortable warm roof. Even those who do what they love reach points in their lives where they feel a change is necessary.  Basically, it’s not easy to maintain a genuine passion for your work. It may not always give that personal fulfillment or satisfy the creative or nurturing outlet you need. While that may be the case at times, the right fix isn’t always dropping everything and pursuing your dream. Sometimes changing your attitude and behavior towards it is all you really need.

  • Say no sometimes; Women in particular feel the need to please, leaving them overburdened, using up their free time to get work done. Know your limit; if you see yourself working overtime avoid further responsibility. Ensure you get your share of recreational activity time, so you can take a break from the formal job setting and relax.
  • Focus on something outside of work; ensure that it’s capable of distressing. Whether its family, gym, starting a small business that is of interest. This gives you something to look forward to away from the work place. Plus people who have other engaging investments besides the office are much more likely to avoid burnout and chronic stress.
  • Be Confident; when your confident in what you’re doing in the workplace, then you’ll enjoy what you’re doing. Projects begin to excite you, you begin to look forward to your work, and it shows. Before you know it, you may even get a promotion.
  • Do not be afraid to fail; those who are successful, know that failure isn’t the end of their careers, but learning aids to do better in future. This mentality allows them to come above and beyond what they already were, and accomplish vastly.
  • Work smarter not harder; Maybe you’re not the first person to enter the office or the last person to leave, however what matters is the quality not quantity of the work you do. Ensure that every task you do, is done to the best of your ability.
  • Learn something new every day; once you become an expert at your job, nothing comes as a surprise. Suddenly you’re comfortable with your work, and it eventually becomes monotonous and boring. Ensure that you’re always learning something new every day, and that there’s always a small challenge to conquer to keep you on your toes.

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