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Best Selling Author Of “The Speed Of Trust” Is Coming To Kenya

by Femme Staff

The world Authority on Trust is Coming to Kenya

Save the dates August 30th and 31st for a two-day seminar where upwards of 200 entrepreneurs, business and owners and CEOs will be meeting with Stephen M. R. Covey. Mr. Covey is the world renown author behind the book The Speed Of Trust, a book that looks at the power of trust to change everything in society, businesses and even Governments. He is both a New York Times as well as Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

Success stories have shown that trust is one thing that can transform how teams and organizations work for top results. In today’s world, trust must be earned and does not come automatically based on title or hierarchy.

Mr. Covey will be in Kenya for the very first time and this is an event that you won’t want your organization to miss. The event has been organized by Raiser Resource Group, a regional company that has its roots firmly rooted in performance improvement. According to the company’s CEO Mr. Ng’ethe, “Covey will hold two sessions on the importance of trust; the first for leading CEOs in Kenya and the second will be for leaders across various industries’.

“Trust is the foundational driver for an organization’s sustained success. It is for this reason that companies that have created trust as a competency, have a stronger competitive edge, notice a growth in market share, and have the loyalty of their employees, customers and partners” added Mr. Ng’ethe.

For more details on venue, seminar dates and how to register, see the event poster below.

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