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Introducing Flora Mutahi – The First Ever Woman Chair – Kenya Association of Manufacturers

by Femme Staff


Flora Mutahi

The new Chairperson of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers Board of Directors is Ms. Flora Mutahi. Ms. Mutahi who is in for a two year term is the first woman to chair for the association Board since it came to be in 1959.

Have you heard of or purchased Melvin’s tea, salt or rice? Ms. Mutahi is the entrepreneur (Founder and CEO) behind those brands which are quite popular on our supermarket shelves. She’s a well known industry expert and manufacturer. She’s the brains behind the introduction of the first flavoured tea into the Kenyan market. In the 1990s, she dared venture where few had dared and look at her success story now!

Speaking at KAM House after her appointment, Ms. Mutahi said, “As I step into this position I will continue to drive Kenya’s vision of becoming a middle income country by 2030. We shall focus on KAM playing a prominent role in opening up Intra-African trade; nurturing the promise and potential of our SMEs; leveraging counties as the champions of economic growth for Kenyans and promoting the ease of doing business.

My leadership shall focus on three key tenets; Engage -continued engagement of key stakeholders, Entrench – laying the ground work for stronger policies to guide the growth of industry and Expanding linkages and market opportunities to grow our export markets especially for SMEs.”

The previous holder of this position is Pradeep Paunrana who held it for two years. He will remain an ex-officio of the Association’s board.

Manufacturing, and therefore KAM, is a major player in our achievement of Vision 2030 for our country.

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