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Renault Introduces KWID – Most Affordable Showroom Car

by Femme Staff


Given a chance, many people would not go for a second hand car. And yet, our Kenyan motoring scenario is awash with these second hand vehicles. Why are people going for the second had cars? The biggest contributor is cost.

Renault has today introduced a strategy to make vehicle purchasing easier by introducing the new Renault KWID, a small efficient car which comes at an affordable price as compared to other similar models in the market. You can now walk into the showroom and walk out with a brand new car for Kshs.1Million. The math is such that you can pay just Kshs,30,000/- a month or Kshs.1,000/- a day and have a brand new car in reasonable time. Not a bad deal at all for a brand new car.

This is set to be the most affordable brand new passenger vehicle and the features are not shabby either. This move by Renault will certainly shake up and excite the market.

What features are these?

  • Spacious cabin
  • 800cc three cylinder petrol engine
  • Touchscreen infotainment system
  • Digital instruments
  • Efficiency of up to 25.17 kilometres per litre
  • A three year warranty

Something else that can be a headache for car owners is spare parts and Renault is assuring availability of genuine parts at good prices.

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